Saturday, 18 October 2008


Really went for some cuti-cuti Malaysia over these 2 months and both of it were to the highlands of Malaysia namely the casino place and Cameron highlands ( a place i've never been to though its relatively close by to Ipoh)

Took good use of my long ortho hols for a holiday with Jh at where else the place he loves so much.. probably the only place he really likes to go to within Malaysia and that is of course Genting Highlands. Le sigh~ there goes all my nature hols i'm used to. Dun care..will go with my family to all the beach and nature resort holidays cos Jh really does not appreciate nature!

I dun really mind Genting Highlands cos its quite fun but i dun wanna keep going there~
So here we are in the cable car. Look at the happiness on the little gamblers face.

And i after extensive research i booked rooms online at Resort Hotel and boy was my choice spot on! The rates were really reasonable and the rooms were really great.And the shower from the ceiling was great!

Jh in his fave pose.

Really comfy room. Only grouse was that the view sucked. But the cool climate and cool wind blowing in the room made up for it.

So Jh ended up reaping in some money so my trip was absolutely FOC. Muahaha~

Some little muffins he bought for supper.

I actually pretty enjoyed myself but the highlight was probably taking purikura in some really high tech booths! Even better than the Jusco one. Since someone was in such a fine mood after the euphoria of winning some money, he had the mood to really decorate the purikura with me. In fact his decorating skills far surpases me! Hmp.. sien no artistic talent.

Guess who decorated wat?

The hotel had just been renovated so everything looked clean and new!

So bottom line is we had a good time. Jh won some money and we had a relaxing 2d1n which felt much longer than it actually was.

So the next month was my turn to choose for a weekend holiday. Cos i dun have much leave left and i'm saving for a December wedding, utilized the weekend off for a short getaway. Had to go there cos its relatively near by (when i go back to Jb it will be so far away and not wort going) to Ipoh and i can get really cheap flowers there plus it will be a change from the usual concrete jungle we go to.

Damn hard to choose hotels~ cos every forum i go to, there was a grouse about almost every single hotel. So after the drama of booking the hotel.. dun wanna relieve all that... finally settled for Century Pines Resort.

Damn sien after i booked via phone due to some internet glitch (had to pay 60 bucks more!) my Mo had to tell me he wanted to go to Century Pines too during his last Cameron Visit but was told its not that good and so he went to Casa De La Rosa which he says is affordable and good. But i checked online.. not that affordable also and the furnishing is not really my taste.. based on the internet pics la.

Anyway already booked Century Pines so dun wanna change la. So the end result is this..

Looks ok right? Really big room~

Its called Century Pines Resort so therefore furnished with lots of wooden furniture and carvings

And our view is definitely lots of pine
With a refreshingly cool and clean breeze in the mornings.
Apparently there was some early wake up call in the mornings cos there was a mosque nearby but i din hear anything at all.. haha totally oblivious but stupid Jh had to wake me up at 6 in the morning cos he's such a light sleeper.

Lovely dried and fresh flowers for as cheap as 2 bucks to 4 bucks a bunch depending on the quality and stall you go to. But most expensive also 5 bucks a bunch

And the corn is amazingly sweet and succulent. Have to taste it to realize what inferior corn we usually have

Bought some of these lavender plants (light purple). Supposed to last for 2 years and bloom even though they are dried plants (does that make sense?) but judging from the state of the plants in my room i dun think so

Damn small punya butterfly farm.. but only 5 bucks entrance fee la and warranted they have a lot of butterflies (but only 1 or 2 species) and some really amazing insects.

Not scared of humans one.

I stand damn close also the butterfly tak hirau.

So do you see it?? Leaf insect..

I've seen before la but not such a big one

Monkey cups he he thanks to Dad for all the nature lessons he gave me i can now throw nature jargons at Jh

And the most amazing insect is this huge ass creature here. I've never seen one so huge!

Wa lao these stick insects are seriously stick like. Click on the pic for a bigger view. Imagine they could be all around us and we won't even know. Haha but i think they mainly stay in the jungles.

Of course no trip to Cameron would be complete without some Strawberry plucking. Rm20 for half a kilo. At least they were sweetish cos i normally dun eat strawberries.

I want a garden like this~

As apposed to popular belief there are no strawberry fields in Cameron Highlands, just loads of nurseries with strawberries planted in pots.

Yum yum~

We then adjourned to eat scones.. haha why so many 'English' things to do in Cameron? Anyway skipped the overpriced scones in Lakehouse/Smokehouse whatever and went to the T-Cafe where its only 3 bucks for scones and some really quaint global traveler atmosphere.

Plus the strawberry cheesekae is really really superly good as atttested by Mr Tan's face

Being all 'atas' and having high tea~ i usually dun even drink tea except for Chinese tea. Kaka my dad makes a lot of those.

Hasil of our pluckings~

Hasil of my pasar malam buys~ paid by Jh

Part of the buffet breakfast

Super fresh fruits and vege~ how can i go back to Non-cameron veg?

Of course i shall not leave out the obligatory tea plantation photos.

Once again drinking tea

Din manage to go to the Boh Tea plantation cos it was relatively further and the roads were windy i presume so we settled for the much nearer but smaller Cameron Bharat Tea Plantation. Din buy any tea though.. cos i probably won't brew it

Both trips i thoroughly enjoyed.


jarien said...

wow .. u seems to hav a great relaxing trip ..
good thing bout d "FOC trip" .. haha

hhm, wanted to go to cameron also .. hopefully able to make it there end of this year (crossing fingers)

saltvinegar said...

ha ha ha go there and embrace nature~
but the roads there are terrible


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