Thursday, 16 October 2008

On Ben's request

It's really seldom my darling brother takes much interest in my looks or basically me in general. So it came with great surprise that i received an sms from him.

And so in between reading pages and pages of SPM text in the hope of emulating his fabulous sister, he also had the time to actually read my humble blog.And what got him curious was my proclamation that i had jelly fish hair ala Rainie Yang..

Ha ha ha tht was followed by a facebook message so i tried my very best to take a very nice shot of my new hair.

Whoops~ cropped of half my hair....and face.

Aiks now you can't see the top.. man this is annoying

Hmm.. maybe if i tilt my whole face to the side u get a better view?

Hai~ susah.. eh but i think i look bettter with half my face covered.

Ok half my hair is still hidden but u get the picture..

Ha ha so basically it is not so jellyfish after all..
Obviously i can't let my hair look so hideous. But the hairdresser really cut it tht way la. Short at the top so it has more volume. So actually if i blow it and add some hairspray i may be able to get the jelly fish hair she cut for me la.

Anyway the main thing is the colour and highlights la. I've never been so blonde! I thought that hey everyone in the hospital seems to have coloured hair so just go for it right?

Now i'm noticing the shades of their colour more and i just realised everyones colour is like really dark brown or dark red or black!

Ha ha ha so anyway this post is for you Ben!


shinchee said...

dat's just pure bad self-camwhore skills, haha...

saltvinegar said...

hahaha yeah lor really 'shi bai'.. how to get the camera to focus on my face in a nice angle? damn susah


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