Friday, 17 October 2008

Purikura times

Love to purikura so much especially with the new and improved machines. Since the booths in Ipoh are so much cheaper than in JB have been pestering JH to repeatedly go take pics with me but since Jh is so not into it we usually just rush and decorate.

Ha ha ha but with Su Wen, Shin Chee and Yee Chung we had our moneys worth with an hour of decorating! Almost.. Ka ka so fun and behold the hilarious results.

My first creation was awfully boring and drab.. cos i was just so happy to have all the food in front of us.

Su Wen's creation~ we start playing with our hair pieces

Yee Chung's masterpiece~ He's a natural!

But there was one purikura i loved the most

And it was tastefully decorated by

Shin Chee !

And the guys probably never purikura-ed before!

Some people are just so talented~ sulks

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