Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Stick girl

Quite liking all these little comic strips from stick girl. Go visit the site if you like what you see.

Ps. this strip does not represent Jh in any way. Ha ha and anyway i love instant noodles.

Oh and this pic really represents wat i'm feeling now minus the last box.. definitely wont go and buy Lv just like tht. Maybe when i strike lottery?


Jayce said...

Hmm... We need money everywhere. No money == No talk. :P

saltvinegar said...

Ha ha ha ya lor~ my LV when can i attain you?

shar-sharz said...

the stick people is so cute! where you got them from?

saltvinegar said...

From that blog
She actually draws the cartoons then scans them in.
She doesn't update as regularly as i'd like tho


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