Wednesday, 1 October 2008

New Hair

Afte a very very very long time i finally went back to the hair salon near my place for some colour. So she gave me a cut colour and highlight for an affordable 220.Not bad not bad cos this lady obasan is from Taiwan and according to her she goes back regularly for courses to update her on the latest fashions.

So she gave me the jellyfish hair~ you know the one Rainie Yang had for her last album cover..

haha but dun worry as long as i dun blow it too much or scrunch it with styling liquid i dun get that much volume.

Ha ha ha so pretty affordable day but she just had to as obasan's usually do push a shampoo conditioner and the complimentary 10 buck deal leave in conditioner at me. It will protect the colour , leave your hair soft, bla bla bla and the killer phrase.. i can wash your hair with it right now~ and at the time my hair was in foils after the highlights.

So if i dun buy she will wash it with some shit ass shampoo and wash all my highlights away is it? So sigh ok lor bought those products since my shampoo is finishing anyway and maybe its about time i started using a conditioner?

The said products~ searched the web for the price and manufacturer. At least the price she quoted was the same as the web site la~ not ripped off. Cant find the price of the dubious 10 buck fruit cuticle spray leave-on conditioner though. But wth it smells nice.

Ha ha ha anyway she gave me a free eyebrow trim which looks pretty nice and natural so alls good this once a blue moon hair pampering day.

And i bought this mascara I've not tried before but was highly recommended by the Sasa promoter. Miin mascara anyone? I wonder if anyone's used this before? I tried on the tester even thought the tester was dried up and clumpy it managed to make my lashes fuller and longer and gave it a slight curl. i haven had the occasion to use it yet though.

Will rave about it if its really as good as what the promoter says.


jarien said...

huh .. u really have a jellyfish hair now?? wow .. gotta see that ..
y not take a photo of ur hair n post up?! hehehe
d hairstyle could look real nice de ..

n guess wat, i juz tried my first mascara recently ->last mth .. d veri first time after all these years (jeez even my little sis been using it for ages .. haha)
but i think i enjoyed it though, kinda like making ur eyes looks bigger .. haha
am thinking of getting one myself, erhm, but also can't think of any occasion to use that :P wedding dinner, maybe ..

saltvinegar said...

HA ha ha not exactly like a jelly fish la but u noe short on top.. Ben has been nagging at me to put it up too but no time no time.. haha will post it up later on.

I cant believe u dun use mascara? i have colleagues tht wear mascara to work everyday.. haha

I have some mascara tht i dun use cos i bought a new one.if u dun mind i can post it to you? practically brand new loreal telescopic mascara.ha ha no answer means yes k?

suwen said...

your new hairstyle doesn't resemble the jellyfish hair.... or mayb it was too dark that day to c properly..haha

saltvinegar said...

yeah it really doesnt but when she blows it and scrunches it got volume on the top lor but my hair is just too short to look like a jellyfish ha ha


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