Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Jay Chou on Readers Digest

Due to the release of The Green Hornet and his upcoming Malaysian leg of 'The Era World Tour Concert', Jay Chou seems to be everywhere. And i found him staring back at me on the cover of Readers Digest Magazine. So i just had to buy it.

Here's sharing some of the pictures in the magazine.

His acting skills have improved, but his diction still leaves a lot to be desired. What is incredible though is how someone with seemingly ordinary looks, and ordinary acting chops land himself a significant role in a Hollywood movie? All is credited to his extraordinary  musical skills that propelled him to mega stardom and opened up the field for him to try anything he desires. With his level of popularity in the Chinese speaking world, offers will pour in from and everything he touches turns into gold. (Please ignore Pandaman)

Admittedly i only watched 'The green hornet' cos he was in it.

He looked exactly like his mom!

This is the era of Jay Chou and up till now no one in the Mando-pop world even comes close to challenging his supremacy in Chinese entertainment.

To quote 8 days (entertainment magazine) :

Then : We had four heavenly kings
Now: Jay Chou versus his multi-hyphenate self (Singer, Composer, actor, director, talk-show host). A choice! We used to have a choice!

Jay is the only choice now.Muahahaha.


Anonymous said...

where can i buy this magazine??

saltvinegar said...

It should be available all over asia.Buy it from an english book store. The magazine is called readers digest.

I bought it in MPH in Malaysia.


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