Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Harrods KLCC is on sale!

I never knew Harrods would go on sale. Luckily i never bought the bags that i was sort of lemming for while it was not on sale cos the bags are now mostly going for 40% less!  Other than that, food,tea and such was also on sale. I'm sorry i didn't pay much attention cos all i saw were the bags. Cheap looking Harrods bags that are actually expensive. Bah, branding. Can't beat 'em, that's why i had to join in.

All i could remember was that many excited females like myself were busy buying bags like it was free. The store was packed the Friday i went.

I managed to take these few pics though.

The classic green and gold paper bag.

There were tins of, i don't know what. Biscuits? Tea? I was too distracted to even look at the macaroons.

The cuter variety of bags. All waterproof and all relatively expensive considering how similar they are to China made tote bags but without the logo of course. However all of these are at 40% off so, it justifies the buy just that little bit more. Plus the workmanship is good. My bag was lined on the inside with cream coloured Harrods semi-waterproof material (okay i really do not know what material it is).Plus it comes with a base shaper .I like. Now if only LV and Gucci does that.

And here's what I bought after long consideration. Seeing many a lady take this bag and look at it lovingly also somewhat helped in the decision making process. Plus I needed a bigger overnight bag.

Sale runs from 15th June to 31st July.Plenty of time to mull over it.


Sherlyn said...

the bag is so lovely? how much they r selling?

saltvinegar said...

My bag was 175, after discount 105. The other bags i din see the price ler, but the small ones are cheaper by a little bit la.

~mEm0RiEs~ said...

I have seen a lady carrying the same bag (the first picture) in Singapore... but instead of green colour, she carrying a black one..

tyra said...

it made from PVC right? i'm so interested with Harrods bag but well, i'm still a student so it's a lil burden to buy those. haha. btw did the sale only goes on half year? what about year end sale?

saltvinegar said...

Yup it's made of PVC.. Hmmm.. I think they go on sale once a year.. They do have some sales for their items for the year end sales but not as much as the once a year sales where practically every item in the store is on sale


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