Saturday, 28 May 2011


Driving has always been an event for me. Yes at my ripe old age driving still scares the shit out of me. Erm I meant it figuratively. It breaks me out in sweat. It's like I'm standing by for a premature delivery at the resuscitation bay. You never know what you're gonna get.

I slow down at corners. And I mean minor bends.I seriously slow down like how they teach you in driving school. To 40km/hr. And I noticed on the roads leading to Sunway Pyramid the speed limit is 60km/ hr and I have no problem adhering to it.But the car behind me always seem to find it a problem and will invariably need to overtake me. Which is fine. That's just great. As long as you don't horn at me. I'm just abiding to the rules right?

And I get cold sweats when I overtake large vehicles like buses and lorries. But buses scare me more. I get scared when buses tail gate me too. Very scary. Now I try not to look at the rear mirror too much . Okay I mean compulsively.

Changing lanes is an ongoing problem. How do I know how far or how fast your car is going at? And how would I know if you'll let me cut into your lane? If only cars can smile or something.Sigh. And why is there this thing called the blind spot? Please if you are riding a motorcycle stick to the left lane and do not go faster than 60/km/hr? It's for your own good.

Sigh... And how do people make driving look so simple?? Even motorcycles ride with such confidence, speeding in between cars and lorries! Where does that confidence come from?

Dear God please bless my car with a magnetic force field so that it does not so much as touch any other object.Thank you.


Taehreh said...

"If only cars can smile" - cutest quote of the month!

I'm not a fan of driving either.. I try to stick to only areas I know inside and out to eliminate the element of surprise. and if I make even one mistake, I'll get flustered and make more and more... and if people honk at me I want to cry. why can't people just be nice? we all want to get to where we're going at the end of the day.

saltvinegar said...

Oh my gosh. Finally someone who feels the same way about driving! I'm planning to stick to a fixed route too;) and start a be courteous on the road campaign. Motorists in Malaysia are really something else!

~mEm0RiEs~ said...

LOLx~ Try to drive more oftern in the central of KL. It would help to build up your courage in driving.. ^.^


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