Tuesday, 17 May 2011


I'm back from my holiday in JB and Singapore and it just seems so surreal to be back in Slim River. Two days ago i was eating ramen in Ippudo at Mandarin Gallery on Orchard road. After eating there i digged up one of my old copy of 8 days and realized that it was rated the number two ramen place in Singapore and has an average que-ing line of 35 minutes.

Today i find myself eating pan mee from the ONLY pan mee shop in Slim River. When there is only one pan mee shop, it is by default the best pan mee in the whole of Slim River. Which illustrates further the point, when you have choices you become picky and you start making lists and produce rankings. When there is no choice, you make do with what you have.I'm still not sure which one i prefer. But i'm starting to feel that it is good to have a choice.

Anyway, as i am too knackered to sort out my photos (Penang trip last month), i'll just leave you with one sunny photo in the sunny island of Penang in front of a conservation piece i really had to put my foot down to go. Some Penangites do not even know this place exists!I blame the poor interest in history due to our dreary uninspiring textbooks, not to mention dreary uninspiring teachers.

Do you know where this is?


Anonymous said...

Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion!!!!


saltvinegar said...

Spot on! Can you imagine my penang-ite friends don't know what or where it is? But in their defense they are from butterworth la.

Anonymous said...

It takes a Johorean to know a Penangite tourist place, I bet I dunno whats so special about johor also! hahahaha


YT said...

I know this place!

saltvinegar said...

:) You're a culturally conscious Penangite!


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