Sunday, 22 May 2011

G hotel standard room review

I had the chance to stay in both G hotel and Gurney hotel in Penang, on separate times, both while attending weddings.The two hotels are within the same road with G hotel being the newer and more strategic one, situated just next door to Gurney Plaza. Both rooms are decent , but in terms of decor they are vastly different.Pricing wise is actually not that much different.

If you like me, love frills, cushions, antiques and exotic deco, then G hotel is probably not for you.I'd recommend something like this.

But if you are like JH who loves the modern and minimalistic concept, G hotel is a viable option.I thought i'd give a review of G hotel for those who are thinking of staying there.

First, ascertain the price. They do provide government discounts for government servants.

The lobby, is  modeled after an open concept and one could easily mistake it for the counter of a cafe.Reception service is good and friendly and most importantly fast. They greet with welcome drinks and ice-cream.

Now on to the room. Obviously mine is the cheapest room available.

When you get into the room, what greets you is a small walkway with the bathroom on the right. Seems like a standard layout for many hotels.

The aforementioned bathroom.

Ribbons around the towels are a nice touch.

Nice strong shower with a glass panel covering half of the shower area, preventing water from splashing into the non-shower area. I think it's ingenious! I hate sliding panels, cos the whole place just gets fogged up and after a while the sliding panels go all screechy. And don't even bother talking to me about shower curtains. They are so redundant!I'm gonna model my future shower area like that *wishful thinking*.

I love the biji saga soap dish! You can actually purchase it, but it costs something exorbitant like 
RM 200.

Befitting of a hotel of G hotels status, the toiletries are branded. I was hoping for something like Kiehls, but i'll take Aigner. The bad thing is i was unable to nick any complimentary toiletries back home. The good thing (oh wait this is a bad thing as well) is i did not even have the urge to take them back home cos the Aigner toiletries seem tailor made for men. I came out smelling like men's perfume.

Anyway enough about the bathroom, here's the bed. I know, the decor is so... minimalistic! All clean lines, muted colours, and repetitions of squares and rectangles.

My first reaction was, 'Huh.. not my type.' JH was like 'Wow so cool!'.I now testify that opposites attract! He immediately went to the i-pod docking station and plugged in his i-phone. He was also quite enamored with the wall mounted tv too.

Possible next birthday present.

Redundant wall ornament that serves no purpose.

Complimentary refreshments in mini bar.

Awesome sea view!I always never manage to book early enough to get a nice view. Since this was booked under the bride herself, we get an amazing view!

General concept of room : Minimalistic
Bed and pillow rating: 4/5. Slept like a baby.
Toiletries: 2/5. Too manly.
Breakfast: 3/5. Fair selection of local and international but i'm just happy with a cheese platter.
Staff: 5/5 Very friendly.

Only grouse: No bath tub!

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