Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Golden Sands Resort Penang

I've been meaning to post up pics from my Penang trip. Well JH was there for a course and i was there for the free ride and why not? The hotel was great! Golden Sands is a pretty old hotel but recently renovated so it looks like new! Judge for yourself. 

This is the cosy room.

I love that they gave us loads of cushions with a star shaped deco to boot. And i'm gonna get those wood carving things on the wall for my future home... so intricately interesting.

The other end of the room has a wall-mounted 42 inch plasma TV.

The toilet.

What i didn't like though were those green things with star fishes mounted on the wall. Those were actual carcasses of star fishes used as ORNAMENT..?! Morbid if you ask me. What i do like were the shangri-la toiletries and bathtub as well as the good and abundant supply of toilet roll. Look.. two at a go.

But the bathroom was really well thought out. As you can see, there were blinds on either ends of the mirror. So if you left the blinds open and you sat on the toilet bowl doing your business you can see the plasma TV. And if the volume is turned low, no problem cos there is a built-in speaker in the washroom just under the sink! Genius! Never again will you miss parts of your show just because you need to take a leak.

As it belongs to the shangri-la group of hotels everything was pretty 'cheem' even the toiletries.

This was on the back of the shower cap box or something like that.

Super comfy bed depending on who you ask.

I had a great sleep while JH woke up with an aching back. What can i say? He's my little princess and the pea. There must have been a pea under that mattress or something. Anyway I  loved the firm mattresses.

Eco-friendly effort.Good try but i wonder how much it helps. Well as the saying goes a little goes a long way.. so just do it people.

I totally underestimated how long that stretch of pasar malam at Batu Feringgi was. Jalan until 3/4 and had to give up. It was that long!Anyway initially wanted to buy souvenirs but in the end bought water color paintings!

Love street scenes.

There's something bout rustic street scenes i love.

This trip was particularly meaningful cos got to meet up with lots of friends i have not met in a while. Thanks to Yung2, Wai Peng, Pei Lynn, Voon, Neo, Hanisah, Teh, Yun Han, Alex and unknown SETA senior!

And i had a really great relaxing time hanging out with Yung2 by the pool. At one point both of us were really quiet and sort of felt so calm that we just both slumped in our deck chairs and said "This is so relaxing."

And that.. was a really great holiday.

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