Thursday, 8 April 2010

Bored again

Will be spending time alone at home and at work cos my JH is going for a course in KL! Ha ha hai.. Anyway another meaningless random post.I have so many things to blog about but don't seem to have the mood to do it. Exhausted from calls i guess. Came home and just slept till dinner time. When i woke up i thought it was morning and that i was going to get ready for work again. Ha ha so now i'm damn not sleepy but super hot cos the weather is scorching! About 10 mins after bathing i'm all sweaty again.

Anyway this is a long overdue post of out get-together at pasta zanmai before our Cambodia trip. 

Haven't seen each other in ages and really it was great talking nonsense and updating ourselves non-stop!And YW then sorta mentioned about this new in Malaysia but wildly popular in Japan product Hada-labo.

Really simple packaging.

Just goes to show all it takes to sell a product is Japanese kanji!

So obviously i go and buy the product and use it on my severely temperamental face. So far no major break-outs unlike severe disappointment products (take that SK II) . Will have to use this product regularly and for a longer period of time before i can decide whether this product is good or not. I mean 'one drop locks up an ocean' is really obviously an exaggeration but it works anyway.

Initially when i started using it a put a few drops on my finger tips and just started sort or swabbing my face with it.It dried up instantly and i loved it!

Then i read up some reviews and realized that's not the way to do it!Sien.. so i have to learn a different method of application. So apparently you put 2-3 drops on your palms. Make sure both hands are coated with the stuff and start patting your face. The lotion will become sticky and subsequently after it's absorbed it leaves a nice matte feeling. You're apparently supposed to keep on patting until everything is absorbed and dry.. but lazy me just pats a few times and them leave it alone. It still leave a matte feeling afterward.

I feel like a drug rep but this is the accompanying video.

Hope it lives up to its hype!

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