Friday, 22 July 2011


I seem to be getting old. Forgive me but do the things we buy today seem 10 fold of what it used to be a few years ago?I am not someone to remember much about prices. I can't even remember the price of the milk i bought yesterday. I am not prudent that way.

Yet the inflation i see today was unable to escape even my 'non money savvy'  eyes.

Remember the Japanese Sweet erasers i bought at Daiso for RM 5 for a 3 piece set? See here. Well, i saw the exact same 3 piece eraser set with 2 extra erasers at the Kinokuniya eraser section today.

As you can see, the 3 erasers at the bottom are identical to the Daiso ones.

Guess how much these kiddie erasers cost.

Maybe these are premium 'LV erasers' and the Daiso ones were just cheap imitations? Whatever it is, RM 17.50 can pay for 3 'mixed rice' dinners in KL and 5-6 dinners in Slim River.

I took the picture partly due to disbelief.

The next item on the shelf was this cute Japanese paper doll book probably in the likeness of the cartoon of the moment.

'Very nice to know cheap paper doll games of old are still very much part of the creative children games culture of today' i thought. I had no idea how much a book of paper dolls cost when i was young but definitely below RM10. The cheaper alternative when i was young (so i'm talking about the 90's here), was buying paper dolls in the form of a sheet of cardboard instead of in a book form. One piece only cost around RM 1 and it had enough space to fit a doll, clothes and accessories  to last 5 days.

But it seems, cheap paper dolls are not so cheap these days.

With that kind of pricing you could buy yourself a proper doll.

Inflation oh inflation will you please stop inflating?
Since we're on the subject of Kinokinuya, i might as well show you the ampm skincare given free with each copy of this Taiwan make-up gurus book. Can't remember his name and can't read Chinese. Perhaps his name is Niu-Er? Anyway the book costs around RM50 and comes with a 20% discount with any purchase.

Elsewhere, at (KL Central branch), i was surprised to find a proper freebie for a cheap price. Gla magazine comes with a pretty printed scarf by Chloe Chen at RM7.50. Nice deal. The only reason why i did not get it was beacause.. i had no idea who Chloe Chen was! Plus i have no idea how to use a scarf.

But, if you're into scarves, this looks like a pretty good buy.


~mEm0RiEs~ said...

the erasers are soooo cute... and the difference in price are indeed very huge as well.. o.O

SneakyLily said...

I most suffer from 'inflation agression' when I return to Melbourne from KL and are faced with restaurant/take away food prices. Ok, maybe it's standard around Australia, but a McChicken Set here is around RM6.50, the same set in Aust is around RM18. NOT COOL. ONE grilled chicken burger alone is RM18.
The cheapest basic restaurant meal (ie.BBQ pork+egg+rice) is generally RM30 without drink. Makes me MAD, no wonder I always cook at home.

saltvinegar said...

Omg.. so not cool. But i wanna visit Australia someday. *Prays for deflation..*


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