Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Galileo Germany vs Singapore

I went back to JB and all over 8 Days magazine was the issue over how this German tv show was ridiculing Singapore and purposely picking out weird practices in Singapore and subsequently coming to a conclusion that Singaporeans are mad.

Of course by portraying Singapore as mad/crazy/ stuck in culturally weird beliefs, the Germans have got the Singaporeans crying foul (they after all pride themselves as the most westernized nation this side of South East Asia-Which is true anyway).

Here's the full episode of the offending show called Galileo.

You've gotta hand it to the producers.They certainly got the publicity they were hoping for.Some of the things featured are so obscure, some Singaporeans probably do not know about it.

However, a true test of a country's social development though, is to be able to laugh at oneself.

So if they can have a look and laugh saying " This is such a misrepresentation of our country, but some of these things sure are weird!", then only would they have truly achieved a whole new level of development.

Instead of going, "I'm going to boycott all German produce."


SneakyLily said...

I get ya. It's like how media portrays Australia as just full of kangaroos, koalas and 'the outback'. I've never before seen a koala bear, and never been to the outback... But it's true that Aussies love beer! (myself excluded)
People focus on the differences because they stand out and are easy to notice, coz the similarities just blend in so are overlooked.

saltvinegar said...

Apparently (according to my uncle who stays over there), a koala is a koala and not a koala bear?True or false?
But you're right, i seem to assume all Australians have some koalas or kangaroos in close proximity.
The best thing about Oz tho is the multiculturalism, but sadly that also brings with it racism.

cynthia said...

OMG. I'm so used to seeing things about other countries, but saying that Asians are always smiling and they eat the most disgusting things?? That is so ridiculous, even in jest.

saltvinegar said...

Yup, ignorant people are like that i guess.But it's just the producer of the show hopefully and not the nation as a whole.


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