Sunday, 3 July 2011

Upcoming worthy magazine freebies

Finally a crop of Japanese magazines with freebies that actually look like they are worth my time of day.I'm so sick of the onslought of predictable totes. And giving out a freebie that resembles a freebie that has already been given out before is doubly lame. Here are some really exciting and fresh freebies coming your way.

Betsey Johnson make-up pouch with August issue of Sweet.

This looks like any other make-up pouch yeah? Albeit decorated by rather pretty Betsy Johnson flowers. What i like about this though is the flexibility of it.The middle flowery portion is a pouch which can be detached from the outer covering which itself has equally handy mesh compartments.

You've got to see the video to se what i mean. Here's the link.

Next up is a cute Harrods surprise from Glow.So far Glow has been dishing out rather boring matronly stuff.But this one looks chic yet usable by the mature crowd.

Harrods bottle cooler bag.How cute will this look at a picnic?

Last but not least is a Lest Rose mini bag/bag organizer and pouch with Steady August issue.

Seriously this looks like any other old tiny tote, but you really have to see the video! It has amazing a lot of compartments. The prints are also too sweet. Definitely an above average bag organizer.Video is here.

Can't wait!But i've made a resolve to save! How?


Cieri said...

I am so gonna get Sweet! just nice as I am looking for a cosme bag ^^

saltvinegar said...

Good for you girl! I'm still torn between the Betsey Johnson cosmetic pouch and the the Lest Rose bag organizer!Argh.. can't choose..

Cieri said...

I have a bag organizer already. got it from mina last year. the one with marc for marc.
The main reason why I am choosing sweet is I have no cosme bag.or I do think that I have none.
cant wait to go to konbini tomorrow~

saltvinegar said...

Ha ha how come i can't get to your blog? I want to see pics of your purchase! I've seen the actual pouch.It looks decent but the stitching looks a little bit asymmetrical and the pouch has no compartments.
But still it's a unique and cute cosmetic pouch. Let me know how you like it!

Cieri said...

oh, I rarely blog about my purchases.erm,maybe I should start to do so? well,I think I will find sometime to do so and I will inform you if I did.


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