Thursday, 28 July 2011

Fake OPI shatter

Everyone who knows their nailpolish knows OPI. And everyone who knows OPI knows that they started the shatter craze.

Here's a picture for illustration purposes.

The black coat is the one that shatters in the picture above thus creating a cracked effect.

With prices of OPI in Malaysia being RM59 per bottle it is no wonder then that counterfeits are being sold. To my surprise not only do they have a full range of colours they also produce fake shatter OPI's!

I know my genuine items from the fake, and i try my best not to buy counterfeits, but my curiosity got the better of me this time, and i purchased an RM 10 metallic brown shatter nail polish.

First indication that it is fake- Chinese wordings indicating it is shatter polish.

Secondly, it uses 'PROWDE' brush technology.

Sorry unable to load the picture of the bottle, (damn computer) but it look exacly like the OPI bottle. And if you're curious, the colour was called 'original nail envy'.Oh the irony. I don't think there is an exact product from OPI with the same name and same shade , they just made it up.

I painted the fake shatter on original OPI in light pink (don't remember the exact name- it's my mom's)

This is what it looked like after i put it on.

It looked muddy and looked exactly like dried up mud. Obviously with dried up mud there would be a shatter effect. At that point i seriously felt cheated. It looked nothing like the colour of the polish before application.

Then i applied clear nail polish on top. And it turned to this colour.

Which is actually not bad for a counterfeit product.It had a nice metallic brown effect to it. (Sorry for the gross looking toe)

So that was my first shatter experience.

However the smell from the polish was stronger than usual. Only God knows what vile chemicals they put into these polishes. So as much as i like the effect it is unlikely that i will repurchase.


~mEm0RiEs~ said...

this look nice.. makes me having the urge to buy it.. lolx~

saltvinegar said...

He he he i bought it in KL Sentral but i'm sure Spore also has lor. Try Bugis hehe

~mEm0RiEs~ said...

hahaha.. i know.. i already bought it.. >.< i'm staying at bugis.. lolx~ and i bought it there too.. lolx

saltvinegar said...

Girl saw your post! Nice post! But i dun think i'll ever fork out that amount of money for OPI *saving money*


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