Monday, 4 July 2011

How to study

I know, i know. What kind of stupid topic is that? Totally out of my usual girly consumerism posts. But i really wanted to post something today and being home in JB currently got me reminiscing about the good old days when my only activities most of the time was watching TV, studying, thinking of tips on how to study and dreaming about studying, homework and exams.I really am a nerd.

I did really well in exams THEN (note the past tense)and have decided to jot down a few tips and tricks for

1) the odd student who googles 'how to study' during a particularly dreary homework night
2) me to remember how i did it since i am back in the exam oriented appraisal route

And so here are some conventional (i've heard it all before) and unconventional ways of the dreaded word we call 'study'.

1) Start early. Do your homework daily and make sure you understand everything teacher says. Ha ha i know this is the most predictable tip/lesson in the book.But it's true. But we all know that this is easier said than done , so comes the second tip..

2)*If you have not been doing tip number 1 do not fret. We all know everyone mugs. Even top students mug once in a while. The thing is not to leave the mugging till too late. Lets say it's a monthly assesment, then study one week beforehand. If its a end of the year exam give yourself 2 months to mug.If it's SPM we are talking about here, then you please give yourself 6 months.

3) If you have not been following tip 1 or 2, things do not look good. But never quit till the end cos at least you can say that you did genuinely try even if it is during the last few weeks leading to the exam. Or days depending on what a risk taker you are.

4)* Preferably you would have studied consistently and studied everything in the book, but if you have not and there is really no more time left, you have no choice but to spot questions. Pick the likeliest to come out and memorize/make short notes. Spot as many as you can and hope for the best.

5) Associate what you read with your everyday life/favourite tv programme. Make pneumonics you can remember. Find a youtube video on the science/history/geography topic you cannot for the life of you remember.

6) Tell yourself you love studying. It's all a matter of conditioning.

7)*Do tons of past year exams cos if you're in primary/secondary school there's only so much they can ask.

8) Waste no time. Even in the toilet.

9) Revise what you have studied while you are lying on your bed waiting to sleep. Your brain might just play your thoughts over and over again in your brain long after you've dozed off.

10) Don't be shy to ask or make mistakes. Cos people who don't ask are even more stupid.

11) Lavender scents are supposed to help you sleep well. I used to put a few drops on my pillow before exam days when i knew it would be difficult for me to sleep. A good sleep means a clear mind to think the next morning. Plus the scent lingers on in your hair till the next day and it had a somewhat calming effect on me.

Disclaimer: Those marked * do not apply to medical students, cos you can't afford to spot questions!Who wants a doctor who doesn't know all their stuff?

12) And most of all switch of facebook and stop surfing the net unless it's absolutely for educational reasons!Commitment guys/girls. Commitment!


Sherlyn said...

i prefer to wake up on 4am to revise instead of burn the midnight oil, as we will have fresh mind in the morning. i ever woke up 2am which is too early end up i was too sleepy till forget everything so 4am is the best time for me. besides i like to listen song while studying to avoid myself fall asleep. i skip all entertainment when my exam near except listening to music

SneakyLily said...

I can't study in my bedroom, TOO many distractions.
My craziest assignment overnighter was when I was enrolled in two different schools at once, and their week #'s fell at different times. I realised my assignment was due the day before, not in one week, and had to read an entire book and complete the assignment THAT NIGHT. My own fault for not doing the reading earlier, but by some miracle still managed a HD o_o

saltvinegar said...

Sherlyn: Girl we are both crazy studious! I had a syupid teacher who told me the best time to study was 3 am and i actually slept early just to study at the time!

Sneaky:How can u enroll in 2 schools at once?Mind boggling!Reading an entire book and finishing the assignment in one night? *kowtow*


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