Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Longchamp Le Pliage in Malaysia

One word to describe it.It's everywhere in Malaysia.I have a nagging suspicion that some may be fake but i have no way of proving this unless i inspect from up close.But then again they're probably all genuine cos for a 'branded' bag, it's affordable. Unless of course if you're in Malaysia. For some reason the prices here are sky high, almost doubling the price in France. So maybe some of them are fake. Okay I'm just contradicting myself.

Do you know how much an original Longchamp Le Pliage costs in Malaysia? It costs RM530 for a long handle small shopper and RM630 for the medium long handle.

The price in France is the cheapest. The price in many European nations is around RM 300 plus. While the prices in the USA is cheaper than in Malaysia but more expensive than in Europe.

Whatever it is, I've decided to join the Le Pliage club albeit many years late.And it's only because my lovely friend, Tahirah got her equally lovely sister in law to get it for me from UK!I try my best to buy original bags as long as i can afford it.

Yeah.. i initially had all kinds of problems choosing the colour. Graphite or Red or Navy or Grape?

Anyhow the whole point in writing this post is that the same friend who helped me get it has one extra Longchamp Le Pliage Long Handle in Graphite and she's keen on selling it for nearly the original UK price. It's a great offer for those who like Longchamp but hate the Malaysian prices, plus it's brand new and original.

I hastily took some pictures with my I-Phone just in case anyone wants to have a look.

If anyone is interested in this bag, do leave a comment with your e-mail so i can tell you the price and how to contact my friend.

Can you guess which colour i got in the end?


Fiona said...

Welcome to the Longchamp family! I nearly bout medium short handle in graphite :)

Nice bag!

~mEm0RiEs~ said...

In Singapore, you can get it somewhere around SGD200. Some more now, there's "Great Singapore Sales". it would be a lot more cheaper.

saltvinegar said...

Girl, i surveyed Spore as well! 200 x 2.5 is RM500 ler!! I bought it for much cheaper!

And do they have sales on Le Pliage??

I went and had a look at the Malaysian Longchamp during the sale here and the discount was 0% .......

Anonymous said...

Pm me de contact.. ken771013@hotmail.com

DeyiMizu said...

Longchamp bag are expensive. My sister have one with similar desgin but of course in a cheaper price.

saltvinegar said...

DeyiMizu: Yup it's overpriced over in Malaysia!

Ken: I've received your msg but wont publish it for privacy reasons. I've given your contact number to my friend and i think she'll contact you soon.

~mEm0RiEs~ said...

The exchange rate had flung up that high..?? o.O oops~ haven't been concentrating to the exchange rate for quite some time edy... lolx~ I heard from my friend that she bought it at SGD18X.XX during the GSS and plus she's get extra 10% discount.

But I think, most of the product are much more cheaper in UK.

About Le Pliage, I'm not so sure.. If I happen to see there is a sales for it, I'll check the price for you. LOLx~

saltvinegar said...

Ya lor Spore dollar very strong ler. Good decision to work there. If le pliage got sale let me know! I wanna compare. But I don't think can be below rm 400.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am intersted to purchase the Longchamp bag. Would appreciate if your friend could contact me at:
amber168@hotmail.my Thanks

saltvinegar said...

Amber: i've received ur msg but din publish it due to privacy reasons. My friend only has one bag.And actually another person, Ken has inquired about it first. Anyway i passed her ur e-mail add.


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