Saturday, 30 July 2011

Vogue China with Gucci freebie

It is unlikely that we will be able to grab hold of this yummy freebie, but if you come across it let me know! The Vogue China August 2011 comes with a Gucci paper folder and has been causing buying frenzies across China. And no wonder, the magazine costs 20 yuan or USD3 only!That's around RM10!

Look out for this cover at shops selling Chinese mags! No promises though.

According to Jing daily  the darker coloured folder which is more popular has  got vendors hiking up the price 10 folds to 200 yuan. That's roughly RM 100 for a paper folder! But still pictures of the folder look really enticing and looks nothing like paper. Still pictures can be misleading. I mean have a look at these!

I would never have suspected it was made of paper if i had not read the article. Seriously it can pass off for felt. The giveaway is probably only the back envelope type closure. Picture credits to ifeng (go if you can read Chinese characters)

No wonder then it has popped up on the Chinese version of e-bay , Taobao as an Ipad cover selling for 108 yuan. Vogue China may be laughing all the way to the bank but i wonder how much help it does to Gucci's image? Already there are far too many Gucci sales. Giving something Gucci free with a magazine will only dilute the exclusivity of the brand. Then again it might make it more accessible and popular among the masses ala Coach.

Okay i'm just  concerned that my one year old Gucci bag will have no more value in the future.

Anyhow i'd get hold of this if i could!


PopBlush said...

Wow - They were giving out Gucci freebies on Vogue?! I can imagine the frenzy...

saltvinegar said...

yup! Isn't it unfair? How come local magazines don't give away awesome freebies?

cathkidstonjapan said...

we have it


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