Sunday, 17 July 2011

Kinokuniya and Uniqlo KLCC update

Remember the Non-No magazine with the Coach fan and scarf? Remember how i said there was only 1 issue left and how i felt so vulnerable i nearly bought it? No? Read here.

Well Kinokuniya has restocked! And there are now tons of copies available. No reservations , no ques, just come over and get it if you're interested. So did i get it? Nah. I only felt like getting it because it was the last piece. Now that there are so many of it available, i do not have the urge to buy it anymore.The scarf looks a bit 'blah' and thin too. But then again for something which is 'Coach', RM40.60 with a rather thick Japanese magazine full of fun fashion and make-up and hair tips, it's rather worth it.

I also spotted a few issues of Steady with the lest Rose bag organizer which took me some effort to resist. Weirdly i don't see the Sweet magazine with Betsey Johnson cosmetic pouch yet.Read here.

Anyhow a piece of news. For those interested in the Chinese Agnes B mook with necklace, well forget it! Kino is not bringing it in according to the staff, even though they are selling it to Singapore. Discrimination! Heck even Popular is selling it in Singapore. I'm going to check out Popular soon.Just goes to show how much they doubt the Malaysian buying power.

Elsewhere, in Uniqlo, you may remember the opening promotion on Cath Kidston tees which were quite swiftly sold out?

Well it seems there are some leftover stock which they have brought to the KLCC branch.I snapped a sneaky picture.As you can see i'm quite shy.

There is a fair amount of designs  available and are sold at the discounted price of RM39.90! It won't be long before they are sold out again though.

Oh, and did you guess which colour of Le Pliage i bought? I got it in typical Chinese manner. Red!For luck and prosperity!

I'm loving how light weight it is.And so not afraid of getting it dirty or being caught in the rain.It's my to go to bag for undressy situations and occasions when i want to walk into Daiso without being self conscious about carrying an LV. I know i think too much.


SneakyLily said...

Wowow! There is Uniqlo in KLCC? I leave KL for 3 months and somehow I missed this news! I wanted to check out Kinokuniya for the first time, now I have more reason to go to KLCC (which I usually find pretty boring, haha).

saltvinegar said...

Oooh yup and they had a crazy opening sale too! Sephora just opened as well.


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