Thursday, 21 July 2011

Malaysian Tatler July with Loreal Absolut Repair shampoo and mask

Here's what i got at Kinokuniya with this months issue of Tatler.

 Loreal Absolut Repair shampoo (100mls) and hair mask  (75mls).

Exclusive to Kinokuniya.

In other news, i got two cute souvenirs from darlings who went overseas.

Green cased mirror from Tahirah who went to Hong Kong.

And a bling  bling owl charm from Chau Pei who went to Taiwan.

Thanks girls!

I'm sorry i'm too tired/lazy to even try blogging properly. Promise to write a better post next time. Till then i just wanted to relay the Kino offer.

Life is good.

1 comment:

Pammy said...

That mirror is so pretty and I like the details. :) The owl bling, on the other hand, is cute. :)


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