Saturday, 9 July 2011

Daiso buys and cute inexpensive stickers

Restarting a phase of life where books and papers seem to be the mainstay of everyday life, my Daiso buys have evolved from cute stuff, to household items to stationary.I know, how boring.

I shall now proceed to bore you further with my increasingly boring Daiso buys.

This was my whole haul in a giant 'The Curve' Daiso a while ago. Aromatic fluorescent markers,10 multi -coloured pens, 2 bookends and aromatic oil.

I've always loved essential oils, I'm a 'smell' kind of person. So i picked up the rose scented one at the counter only to change it last minute to lemongrass. I have no idea what amazing properties lemongrass scents have but I'm a sucker for tropical scents.

Oh, wait let me google and enrich myself with lemongrass knowledge.

Here are some of the benefits of the essential oil as referenced here.

1) Analgesic
2) Anti Depressant
3) Anti Microbial and Anti Bacterial
4) Anti Pyretic
5) Anti Septic
6) Astringent
7) Carminative
8) Deodorant
9) Diuretic
10) Fungicidal
11) Galactogogue
12) Insecticidal
13) Nervine:
14) Sedative
15) Tonic
16) Other Benefits: Helps cure cellulite, fungal infections and digestive problems and reduces excessive perspiration too.

Phew really? That great? Hmm.. must try it out. I'm not too sure whether any actual scientific tests have been carried out though.

Anyway, moving on, i got myself fluorescent highlighter with grape, melon strawberry, orange and banana scents.

I told you I'm a 'scent' person. And i swear the banana scented one does not smell the least bit funny or weird.

Another haul this time consisting of spray-on shoe deodorant, bamboo charcoal shoe keepers, and a tiny ice cube ice tray.

You can tell i have a shoe problem. The thing is i walk to school daily and inevitably I sweat. Even at the feet. Thus far the spray-on deodorant has been doing a swell job, while the bamboo charcoal shoe keeper is basically just an extra measure to keep moisture out of my shoes!

All right, are you bored enough yet? No? Oh you lovely souls! Then i shall continue with my post of boring buys in the form of really cheap stickers. I'm saying cheap cos some bookstores sell stickers for RM10 (USD3.30) per sheet and they're not even that cute.

A sheet full of huge macaroons costing RM2 (USD 0.6)

These cost a little under RM2 and the quality is great! They're clear hard gel type stickers that stick like a heavy duty tape. I stuck it on my  keys and they're stuck on pretty well even if i do throw my keys around a lot in the bag.

These are also giant stickers with a kitchen theme. Only RM2. But i know i can get cheaper cos i used to buy stickers in the same range for RM1.60.

I'm too old for stickers but they make me happy.

And i shall end this post with a picture of the one who got away. I was staring at the last piece of Non-no magazine, (the one that comes with the Coach fan and scarf- what you didn't know? Then read here) and instinctively grabbed it cos it was after all the last piece. I was pacing around Kinokuniya contemplating whether to buy it. After all, the last Coach scarf i got from a magazine (read here) is still unused. Then my husband comes along and asks me, do you really need this? After all each magazine costs a little more than RM 40 (expensive for a magazine but cheap for a Coach product in Malaysia- damn you Americans , we pay 3 times more for a Coach bag over here not to mention the exorbitant prices we pay for Forever Twenty One!*sad* i want American prices!)

So, in the end, i left it back on the shelf for the next lucky person to pick it up.There was seriously only one copy left!

It was probably the right move anyway, cos I'd probably have no use for the scarf and end up giving it away. A penny saved is a penny more to spend!


Pammy said...

Those stickers are so cute! :)

Re: Kevin Beautymaker, there are online re-sellers here where we can get KBM products from. :)

saltvinegar said...

Ooh, thats great! I've wanted to get Kevin beautymaker products since my wedding MUA used it on me as a skincare/moisturization step before she put make up on me.

Sherlyn said...

daiso again?! haha, but ur interest has move on to stationary since u r a student now. i love to visit stationary section whenever i go shopping but i buy nothing as i can't think of a good reason to buy since i seldom use them. those stickers really so cute, well i love stickers too but i didnt buy as i have no idea how to use them. well i guess u never empty hand whenever u visited daiso

saltvinegar said...

Yes girl! Again!!! Sigh.. i must stop buying for the sake of buying everytime i go in to Daiso!

The Ivory Wedding said...

If u r letting go ur coach scarf.. Do u let me noe,k..

saltvinegar said...

Okie girl i'll e-mail you soon.

The Ivory Wedding said...

Ok.. Hope to hear frm u soon..

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Cute stickers! ^_^ I am also an oils kind of person too.. I collect lots of oils, especially really nice scented ones. Soothing and good for you :)

saltvinegar said...

Oooh which are your favourite oils? I have not ventured far from Rose, lavender and lemongrass...


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