Tuesday, 5 October 2010

MISS magazine with Coach scarf

Finally i have the time to blog about my recent purchases, the most exclusive one being this:

MISS November issue with Coach Furoshiki scarf.

This is not the first collaboration as i've seen on e-bay a similar furoshiki scarf in another pattern. Hopefully there will be more such collaborations as i know many of my dear blog friends were unable to get their hands on this item. According to Fiona, (newly made friend with similar passion) Kinokinuya KLCC only brought in two copies of MISS and both of us placed a reservation for it.Both of us also got the same scarf design. But when i collected my issue from the reservation counter there was still one reserved issue which was not claimed. I knew Fiona had collected hers so perhaps they brought in three issues.

But still, 3 copies is severely inadequate considering how popular the gift with purchase was. The situation in Singapore was similar with people lining up at the counters to get the freebies. Stock was also low but then again 20 copies is considered  low n Singapore compared to the demand they have over there. And people were buying 2 copies each. And some people on the forum mentioned they wanted to buy 10 copies meaning only half the stock left for everyone else? Anyway there are 3 Kinokinuya's in Singapore so at least they have a higher chance in getting this. My sister-in-law actually works in Kinokinuya so it's easy for her to get first dibs on popular magazines.

Anyhow, i still find it relatively easy to purchase magazines in Malaysia compared to Singapore.

The scarf is large at 70x70 cm.

Coach logo on one side.

And MISS logo on the other.

It is made of polyester but reminds me a lot of insulation fabric.Ironing is a no no.

The print i got. To tell you the truth i preferred the other print with light purple coach op design.

Instructions to use the fabric as present wrap. Ha ha as if i will do such a thing.

The Coach Op print with large C's look more prominent and eye catching from afar. But then again the design i got was more classy and looks good from close up.

And it totally looks good tied on a bag so I'm not complaining.

As a scarf the other design would look better.

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Anonymous said...

PLS,who's the model wearing the scarf??


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