Friday, 29 October 2010

Wedding ring ideas

Girls, first of all make sure you get two rings. Call me naive but if not for my two colleagues at work, i would not have known that i was entitled to two rings. I thought one was plenty. All i wanted was ONE solitaire diamond ring. But... i learned that i needed one ring as an engagement ring, and matching bands with my hubby as proper wedding bands. And boy am i glad cos i just realized two months after my wedding, a good way to wear your wedding ring is by wearing two rings together. (Ok i am such a kampung girl). No longer is it enough to wear one ring when you can proudly show off twice the bling.

When I'm going out i now wear both rings.

My engagement ring and wedding ring.

Yup it does not match perfectly due to the design of the solitaire ring (note the gap between the rings) but it still looks gorgeous together.

Therefore the whole purpose of this post is so that prospective brides keep a keen lookout for matching engagement and wedding rings. Do not get a diamond ring whereby the band of the ring  looks like this:

Due to the shape of the band there will be an obvious gap when you pair if with the second ring.

It is better therefore to choose a ring with a band that looks like this.(ignore that extra dangling thing)

It will definitely match another wedding band.

The Japanese though have some really nifty ideas for pairing up rings.Here are some cute ideas from Sweet November magazine and some from MISS November issue.

Get the second ring shaped as if to 'fit' into your diamond solitaire.

Get two diamonds for extra bling.

Matching band designs.

Here are some other scans with cute ring designs.

Gorgeous even from the side.

Diamonds in the whole middle portion of the band. Lovely!

Good luck finding that perfect ring.. or two..


bride2wife said...

nice post!! :)
eh..u got talent la the camera angle of the second photo..hehe

saltvinegar said...

He he thanks! i was balancing the camera on one hand. Thanks for helping convice JH he had to buy 2 rings haha

Michelle Y said...

Interesting post babe!
I have always know that I will have 2 wedding rings - 1 from the engagement, and the other is a wedding band. But I don't wear them together. Wedding band on daily basis, engagement ring only over the weekends. Safer to wear it together with hubby hehehe :)

saltvinegar said...

ha ha then your rock must be huge!

Jewelers Louisiana said...

Great post!! thanks for sharing your ideas. Nice pictures with precious rings.

Bridget Rossi said...

I like the band of your diamond engagement ring, but you’re right; the asymmetrical cut of the band doesn’t fit your wedding ring. I like the idea of the wedding ring having a groove in it to match the cut of the stone of the engagement ring because it’s planned out. To me, that just makes it feel more significant.


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