Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Singaporean mentality

Remember the Agnes B tote free with purchase of the spring /summer 2010 mook? Read here.
I had bought it for around RM 55.

I chanced upon an article whereby a Singaporean lady unwittingly bought the 'designer' bag for S$40 (RM 92) from an online seller only to find out that the bag was free with with the mook which costs S$27.50 (RM 63).

The article was on STOMP a website on all things Singaporean. Sort of like a local news and happenings site.Read the article here before proceeding.

Nothing wrong with selling the bag for the price but perhaps it should have been stated that the bag was in fact a freebie. Judging from the quality of the bag the Stomper must have been furious.
So of course the lady was really angry at being conned and wrote a precautionary tale for people to take note of.

I think most of you would agree that we would probably emphatise at her plight and thank her for sharing this piece of information. This is a case of benefiting from other peoples mistake.

However it is obvious a majority of STOMP readers do not share the same mentality. These are some choice comments from readers. All extracted from the STOMP page.

SlashingSunset said

royroy17385 said
That why always check before buying. So stop being a crying baby. Learn your lesson. The seller didn't force you in any ways to buy it. Lastly, stop posting such stupid post because of your dumbness......

vipersix said
Blame yourself for your own stupidity and greediness and cheapskateness. WTF!!!!

fair1234 said
Business buy low sell high. Anything wrong?

Qwertypoipoi said
Typical Singaporean. Buy already then kpkb. *shakes head

paddylimz said
She sells, u buy (albeit without checking the facts) and worse, AB consider branded? no wonder u bought it and now blaming others for ur own negligence (stupidity?)

SimiTieJi said
You are willing to pay and buy online now complaint for what ? No one cheap you leh.?The japanese magz offering this bag was like almost a year back liao, and was sold out few hours when release in Kino. So cant get at all.. Truth: the bag is authentic.No need to refund. IF you no money, then dun buy branded !Cheapo!

This person even asked her to go scam someone else.

MrGrateful said
Rather than telling everyone about it, you should've just sold it on to another unsuspecting fool for $50. It's too late for that now; you've warned us all to be aware of such scams.

At least the lady had a few supporters.

flykitehigh said
U all lah stupid. stomper is sharing her bad experience so now u all know already,go buy the magazine instead from the online seller. Stupid sia u all..this is good info sia..

And this commenter summed up everything perfectly.

nunmadmad said
No sympathy from the fellow stompers never mind, kena whack some more...so bang on top of footing $40 for the free gift..see peh to lan

So you see, the Singaporean mentality is a little bit different. They are rather harsh on themselves, being brought up in an environment that lauds excellence and have low tolerance for errors and incompetence.

Don't get me wrong, i love Singapore but i just can't help but see the huge difference in terms of mentality. Perhaps we have loads to learn from them in terms of work ethics and performance, and they can learn from us how to chill.

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