Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Agnes B with Non-no magazine.

Yup it's true! This is the next gift with purchase you get with the next Gelato Pique Autumn 2010 mook.

 Really loving the patchwork pattern on the tote and that it has a single button. But I'm pretty sure its just a print and not real patchwork. Ugh.. very tempted to get this one but I'm sure it will be exorbitantly priced in KLCC Kino.

Another really tempting magazine to buy is the upcoming Non-no which come with a To B by agnes B tote.

Its large, looks waterproof and is branded by default and cheaper than mooks.. whats not to like?

But, if I've learnt a thing or two about mook/Japanese magazine buying, it's that pictures can be deceiving and ultimately many of these freebies can be of really shitty quality and you might as well go and get a better quality knock off with the price you are paying for an inferior original.

Take for example this. I was too shy to post it up previously because of how hideous it is. But really it comes in handy now as a precautionary tale.

This is the Agnes B. 2010 Spring /Summer mook. 
On paper this would be a good buy because:
1. It's branded
2. .. but cheaper than the real deal ( yes i'm a sucker for 'good deals')
3. It's a mook which means it should be better in quality as compared to a normal magazine 
   freebie.Cos hey this mook represents the brand and so does the freebie.
4. It's hot a nice print with a metal charm to boot.

So i confidently grabbed it when i saw it in Eslite bookstore in Taipei (Not knowing there were many smaller bookstores selling most mooks for cheaper in Ximending and Taipei Underground mall). I think this was the most expensive mook i bought (RM 55 i think but still cheaper than in Malaysia, its a geographical thing i think )

Looking at the cover you'd be thinking 'Score.. amazing these aren't already snapped up'. Which was exactly what my primitive mind was thinking at the time.

I've read so much in Singapore blogs how mooks are snapped up within hours and days, so i assumed it would be the same over in Taiwan.
'This must be my lucky day this must be newly launched.'
That was in June. The mook was launched in February  -_-"

And behold the crappiest bag i have voluntarily bought ever.

It does not hold it's shape. The lining is cheap and looks like it's going to come off anytime soon. And i hate the fact that the top 2 cm of the bag is not attached to the black strip of fabric that ends  up as the bag handles. Due to this design flaw the top 2 cm of the bag does not hold it's shape and just sags.

The only saving grace  is the metal charm.Yeah i know 50 bucks for a charm.

Bluff one..

But then again, i saw many Taiwanese girls carrying this around and they totally pull it off.

And recently I've started reading chuckei and if this mei nu is carrying it around.. it only confirms one thing. It's not about the bag, it's about the person who carries the bag.

But then again a bit more quality wouldn't hurt. Here's hoping that the upcoming To B. tote with Non-no would be a better one.

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