Wednesday, 15 September 2010

DHC trial kit and mooks

Hmmm I'm blogging from my phone for the first time. Dunno how it will turn out.Hope the layout doesn't turn out funny. Good thing is my iPhone is correcting all my spelling mistakes. Glad to say I've had a fruitful day and bought some stuff that I can review soon. Here's a sneak peek.

First up... DHC sube sube trial kit. Ok i have no idea what sube sube stands for but it's actually a trial kit of DHC's bestsellers. It comes with a deep cleansing oil,mild soap,mild lotion and olive virgin oil. Yup olive virgin oil supposed to be the moisturizer substitute. DHC is supposed to be really popular but it could be just hype. I'll try the trial kit first and see how it works out. I doubt it will do anything for my hyper sensitive prone to acne and wrinkles face. But then again it's worth a try.

Also I've got my mooks. Somehow I can't put up any pics. Oh well that's for the next post.

And thus ends my pointless entry.


Pammy said...

I've read a lot of good reviews about the cleansing oil, sans the olive smell. You're so lucky to have those products readily available for you. DHC's kinda hard to find here.

Carrie said...

DHC? quite famous in japan i think. But the price is not cheap. Let me know after trying ok?

saltvinegar said...

ok Carrie will let you noe.
Pam where are staying?Watson's in Malaysia just started stocking up on lots of Jap stuff. Previously it was pretty hard to have access as well.


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