Friday, 24 September 2010

Non-no November 2010 highlights

This is a must buy magazine especially so if you read Japanese. But just looking at the pics is satysfying enough. Why don't they have such magazines in Malaysia. Our Cleo, Female, Seventeen mags are so fail compared to this. And here's a look why.

1) It has mainly Asian models. Really sick of seeing all the second rate ang moh models in local mags peddling local brands.

2) Beauty and make-up reviews are really step by step detailed and of course tailored to suit the Asian facial features. (Cos we all know caucasion girls need no help creating double eyelids/deeper set eyes/higher nose bridge/ bigger eyes.. why are they genetically so pretty? Not fair.)

3) It is really up to date on the latest fashion trends in Japan. So if it's a trend in Japan it also means it's trendy in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and among girls in Malaysia and Singapore.

And the latest trend this Autumn/Winter season is preppy and nordic. Okay cannot pakai here but i bet i'm gonna spot a few ah-lian/la la girls in Sg Wang parading nordic fashion soon. (By the way, in no way am i using the word ah lian in a deragatory manner. I respect ah lians for their creative and daring fashion sense as i can only wish for that kind of bravado.)

4) Fashion spreads not limited to clothes but shoes, boots, bags,socks as well. Fashion overload.Warning: Do not read with empty wallet.

5) It covers a wide variety of topics like... 

i) i-phone applications that suit every girls needs. Hmm.. cross process looks nice and arty.

There's a whole booklet on it but i can only guess what the appplication is about.

ii) Making Bento with calorie guide to boot.

iii) Hairstyle ideas for any lenght.It comes with a hairstyle booklet that models after Asian faces.

6) Pictures are always sweet and kawaii. Even fashion spreads are conceptualized into mini romance pitorials. To tell you the truth i was much engrossed with these few pages. These are my personal interpretations of the highly entertaining fashion spread.

i)You start with a few staples. Six accesory items like bags and shoes. Nine +Six items of clothing. ( I have no idea why they separated the two.) So with 15 items of clothing you're supposed to have 30 different looks in the quest of snagging the guy of your dreams in 30 days.

ii) As with any venture you've gotta first invest and what better way than a visit to the mall to get a few staple items. Oh she's already wearing some of the items in her arsenal already on day 1.Loving the light blue denim shirt cum jacket.

iii) Day 3 obviously very happy with herself and all her shopping.
      Day 5: Eat well in preparation for task. Day 6 : Target spotted.

iv) The pièce de résistance, grab his attention!( after days of dressing up proved futile). Who cares if his clothes get wet. 'Never notice me? Take that!'

v) Wahaha ruse worked! Day18: Time to use loads of fabric cleaner to bowl him over  with sweet aroma.Carefully pick out ensemble from the staples, return the shirt and score a date!

vi) Woo hoo more dates. Note that she's wearing the same denim shirt from day 1.

vii) And wa lah. By day 30 you would have sucessfully snagged your guy.

 It would help if you looked as good as the model of course.

Hope you enjoyed reading the post as much as i had fun blogging this :)

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