Sunday, 19 September 2010

Gelato Pique Autumn Winter Mook 2010- a review

Yeah finally got my hands on the gelato pique mook. It costs RM 69.60 with a 20% discount it translates to RM 55.80.

The inside.. okay rubbish la can only see the pictures.

The winter design inspired bag made of canvas and measuring H32x W45x D15cm.

The canvas has a worn-out look.

There's a pocket inside and single button closure.


I love it cos it's pretty well made but now face the dilemma of matching it with my clothes. It matches nothing! Maybe an all white ensemble?

Here are some pretty pics from the mook.


Truthfully the clothes look pretty comfy but unwearable in our weather.


Jamie Wong said...

i love the comfy clothes! omg omg so adorable!

saltvinegar said...

hmm. . is it cold enough to wear those warm and oh so fluffy clothes in Australia?


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