Thursday, 23 September 2010

Non-no November 2010 with Agnes B tote

This magazine is so amazing! I wish i read Japanese (in fact i wish i could read Chinese too.. bloody education system) to fully understand all those instructions, reviews and captions. This is of course my first time buying Non-no. The only other time i bought a Japanese magazine was Steady in January. That was tough as jotted down here. Since then my japanese mag and mook buying had been less of an ordeal. But since then i had only bought mooks as generally gifts with mooks are of much better quality as compared to the Japanese magazines. But!! mooks are just glorified advertorials for the brand. Besides pretty pictures you seldom get much else. And a mook is only what 30 pages?

Now this mag is an equivalent to a fashion and lifestyle thesis! With just over 360 pages it would have occupied me for ages if only i could read!

But i digress. Obviously the main reason for me buying this mag is for the Agnes B tote. And what a pretty tote it is indeed. Much better than the dud that was the agnes B mook which you can read about here.

Here i share the pictures.



Comes in mitchy matchy star adorned parcel.

Love the glittery effect of the magazine cover.

And the tote. Not as big as i thought it would be but big enough.

The material reminds me of those recyclable bags from giant albeit with a cooler brand and pattern.

Neat stitching.

But the inside is made of waterproof material thus rendering it more sturdy than most totes.

This beats the cloth bag that came with the Agnes B mook hands down. The only con is that it does not come with an Agnes B tag. No labels or tags whatsoever but its a small setback to a really lovely bag.

It costs RM40.05 (i know 5 sen also wan). But i actually found the mag a bigger distraction than the tote itself. Shocker. Ha ha i'll share with you the contents of this bumper mag next blog post.


AnnaYJia said...

That bag looks nice on the model in da picca ! Hunni come come ~ try to model up with the bag and show us too ~haha...
And I love the golden star ^^

saltvinegar said...

wa ha ha damn shy la.. i'm no model.. he he you got feel like buying or not?

Anonymous said...

hihi, i just bought the non no nov issue today at kinokuniya.the inner side of the agnes b bag has white patches(which can't be rubbed away) and has some small uneven texture.the packaging of the supplement seem to have been opened before when i collected it from the japanese book counter. may i ask if the inner side of your bag is like that too? thanks!

saltvinegar said...

Hi there! My bag din have any white patches inside at all! If u find it annoying perhaps u could call up kinokinuya and ask if u could exchange it if they have extra copies. I've heard of ppl exchanging before.


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