Friday, 10 September 2010

My bridal bouquets

Weddings and flowers go hand in hand. It is to no surprise then for someone like me who have scant contact with flowers suddenly found myself exposed to many a bouquet throughout the wedding period. Here i share with you the flowers that contributed their beauty and grace on my big days.

Disclaimer: I am not someone who advocates splurging huge amounts of money on flowers even on my wedding. So every bouquet you see here is not bank bustingly expensive nor do i think many of them were imported flowers.

First up: ROM flowers.

Believe it or not my Dad ordered it for me. I just told him i wanted something small cos i really think a big bouquet will just dwarf me.I even sent him some picture samples which he printed out and showed the florist.And he added for good measure.. "just make sure it's pink." Agreed to a price of RM 85 and i have the perfect ROM flowers.Thanks Dad!

Fresh pink roses, surrounded by red hypericum berries, little purple flowers and greens all bunched up with rafia. Whats not to like?

After the success of ordering my flowers from the florist in JB, JH and i paid a visit to the same shop to order some flowers for my actual wedding in JB.

This time i wanted some imported flowers and was willing to pay more as it is really a once in a lifetime thing. Alas.. as i did not have anytime to order the flowers beforehand, i only went to the shop 3 days before my wedding! Talk about last minute.I chose the leftover imported flowers they have and more pink roses but they only had muted pink roses and made do with what the florist could rustle up. The bill was the same as mt ROM flowers.

Next on to my actual day KL bouquet which did not cost anything at all. Ok ok it was part of the bridal package so technically I've paid for it. I have no idea what flowers i chose. It just looked like the most unconventional of all the flower bouquets in the bridal house catalogue so i chose it and was amazed at how much i loved it. It was exactly how i envisioned it through the grainy pictures of the catalogue.

OK less talk more pictures.

As my KL photographer was really lousy i had the foresight to take pics of the bouquet myself.Pink and lavender roses , green roses, leaves, tiny flowers and grass like structures in between ( ok i have no idea what flowers i had).

But still it was a really lovely bouquet with an interestingly sweet scent and the flowers lasted well into the 3rd day.

And if that's not enough, there were flowers all over our bridal suite in Concorde KL.

Near the TV.

In the cabinets.

In both washrooms.

Flower overload.

Flowers are great and essential to any wedding but keep in mind how much carbon emissions you are contributing by insisting on shipping some exotic flowers via plane from say Holland.

Be an eco-conscious bride!


Jamie Wong said...

haha, most bride can't think of saving money especially this is the day they get to have all the best stuffs. haha :)

saltvinegar said...

sign you're right! But it doesn't hurt to try.. he he :)

Anonymous said...

Hello,hello,it is Daniel Ho who prints out the 10pages of the bridal flowers which you want so you should thank Daniel first!From,Audi

AnnaYJia said...

that is so pretty ~ So happy that you got a great wedding ~ That's every women's dream I think ^^

saltvinegar said...

Thanks girl!My wedding was great but what's important is marrying the right guy :)

Denise said...

thanks for taking the time to blog about wedding issues, really appreciate it! the AD bouquet by keep looks pretty nice, will keep an eye out for it when its time for me to choose. how was their wedding car deco, btw?

saltvinegar said...

car deco by keep gallery was pretty standard. I'll see if i can find any pics

Anonymous said...

May I know the flower buy from which shop? Thanks

saltvinegar said...

Hmm the bouquets in JB are from a shop in Taman Pelangi apposite the old market. Don't remember what the shop is called liao. It looks old but the flowers are nice and reasonably priced.

Anonymous said...

Yeah~from your photo, the flower is really u have the phone no? old market means the market is not there already?

Thanks a lot..

saltvinegar said...

The market is still there.. maybe i should say it's opposite the Taman Sri Tebrau hawker centre.The market and hawker centre are connected. Anyway dun worry, i'll try to get the name of the florist from my Dad. Phone number i don't have wor.

saltvinegar said...

Hey i just found out the florist is called Judy florist.

41, Jalan Badik 1, Taman Sri Tebrau, Johor Bahru
Johor, 80050

Sorry for the late reply. Hope this helps.


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