Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Mooks to buy

This season there are loads of mooks and freebie Japanese magazines to buy that it can be a bit over-whelming. Here are the few i think which are worth looking out for.

Harrods mook (RM 86++ dun remember the exact price but Kinokinuya KLCC is having a 20% discount with purchase of another item.)Somehow in Singapore it's only S$22.40.

This is probably the first time Harrods is coming out with a mook. And the bag looks well-made and tasteful.

But do you really want to pay RM 70 for a tote bag? It's not even a high-end brand (or so i thought.. i'm quite a brand noob). So since i was in KLCC, i thougth to myself , i might as well go purchase one of the bags they have in their store. I wanted one with a zipper. It can't be all that expensive right? WRONG!

A bag with a zip will set you back RM188! And its tote bags of medium size is RM 98 each! Granted the material of the toted found at the store is thick, waterproof and shiny. Ugh.. so plan failed ended up not getting both.

Of course another must-get. Cath Kidston 'Fly to the UK' mook.I saw the sample in KLCC and the toted looks really sweet! But once again RM89.90 for 2 totes which are pretty much like flimsy recyclable shopping bags? Er.. i'll pass.

and i'm not sure how true this is but this is apparently the tote that comes with the upcoming gelato pique 2010 autumn mook.Looks rather arty no?

LAt but not least the October issue of Steady comes with a cute Rebecca Taylor bag.

These are way cheaper at RM 35-40. The good thing about Malaysian Kinokinuya is there are not that much demand for these mooks and Japanese magazines compared to its Singaporean counterpart.Another contributing factor is some mooks are cheaper in Singapore i dunno why.I've heard mags being snapped up by queuing shoppers the moment it is released. Of course there was a recent furore whereby a shopper made a complaint about the staff in Singapore Kinokinuya because she could not secure a copy of the prized In Red which comes with a Loewe tote bag.

Erm.. aunty if you want Malaysian Kino still has one copy of it on the shelf. No need to fight. I don't think it looks all that great and the quality is probably similar to any normal canvas bag. So Malaysian fans will not need to fret. You can take your own sweet time to decide whether you really want a particular mag/mook before taking the plunge.

The only mag that was really sold out at the KLCC Kino was Sweet which comes with  an Anna Sui lunch bag and drawstring pouch. But a second shipment is coming in September anyway so all is good.

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