Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Harrods Mook

I have become such a compulsive Japanese Mook shopper. And this is another one of my many purchases this months no thanks to the fact that KLCC is the most accessible shopping centre by train from Slim River. Accessible also 2 hours.. people who live in city's are soo lucky.

The fresh and unopened package. I'm loving the 20% discount with  another purchase sticker.

I really don't understand how i could have thought that this mook cost RM80++ when in reality it only costs RM54.55 and that before the 20% discount. My eyes must have been playing tricks on me.

Of course the buy was for the gift with purchase.

A sturdy and well made Harrods tote bag.

Clean stitching. Not a loose end in sight.

As always my only gripe is there are no zips. Comes with a single pocket inside though.

The contents of the mook introduces the history of Harrods and plays like a pretty picture book.

The real deals, have no zips as well.

Is it me or does the totes on the right looks suspiciously like Cath Kidston copys?

All in all a satisfying buy.


AnnaYJia said... bought it ! looks so nice ~ I always try to stop myself to visit japanese magazine section at kinokuniya because their mooks and magazines are really so attractive ! haha..

I travel from Kampar to KL almost every week >_< Kampar is way too boring and KL is way too seductive ~ haha...

saltvinegar said...

I bought it cos i found out the price from your blog haha.. at least Kampar got Tesco! Slim River has got.. ermm.. a slim river.

AnnaYJia said...

lol ! slim river got a slim river ! I get it I get it ! haha...
Tesco is just a grocery store only for me ~ haha..I need some entertainment ~~~ But we got McD newly opened lately ^^

saltvinegar said...

wow i am so jealous! We only have KFC and Pizza Hut in Tg Malim.. sien.. terpaksa go to one utama to get our McD fix.

YT said...

I am a big Harrods fan myself! Love the huge building. The architecture is already an art itself!

Bought those Harrods Shoppers back for my friends when I went to Harrods the last time but did not get one for myself :(

saltvinegar said...

Aww why din you get any for yourself? Want me to get for you the mook? Might be going to KLCC next week.


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