Monday, 30 August 2010

Singapore budget shopping/ Liese Hair colour

Nothing much to buy this time round in Singapore mainly cos we went there to visit Marina Bay Sands or specifically the casino *kerchiing*. Hence did not really get a lot of shopping done.I was seriously refraining anyway from accumulating to much cute but useless junk.

Therefore i present to you my budget haul.

Very budget. Everything was either from Watson's or Daiso. I was really eager to get the Liese bubble foam hair colour. Colouring my hair DIY by just covering it with foam for 20 minutes as if i was washing hair? Count me in!! If this works no more expensive hair colouring for me!

In my eagerness to buy the Liese hair colour in Singapore ( i bought it for S$17.90) since i could not find it anywhere in Malaysia the week before, i failed to realize that the product was launched that very week itself for RM34++ or something cheaper like that.Sien.

Anyway bought Chestnut brown. Was really tempted to buy Ash brown but feared looking unprofessional.

Simple steps to hair colouring.

This is the full range of colour they have.

So you don't have to go to Singapore for this. In fact Malaysian Watson's is really catching up on the latest Japanese products. Pffftt.Going to wash colour my hair tonight!

Also got the biore resort edition pore pack cos it does not have ugly-cartoon-woman-with-sticker-on-nose on the cover.In fact it has lots of fruits on it cos the pore pack is scented orange and pineapple.

Also bought a scent stick in the shape of a flower from Daiso. Singapore Daiso seems to be far more well stocked than the one we have here.

And of course the main purpose of the trip, Marina Bay Sands.

Lots of space and lots of high end brands! My first time seeing a Manolo Blahnik store. Funnily no Louis Vuitton in sight.


Jamie Wong said...

does that hair product works well on your hair? I would like to try if i back to Malaysia. haha

saltvinegar said...

Yup works pretty well.. the colour came out even and the shade was similar to the one on the box. will post a pic for you to see.


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