Monday, 9 August 2010

Cath Kidston 'Fly to the UK' Autumn/Winter 2010 mook

Once again Cath Kidston is launching  a mook which of course comes with the obligatory freebie. This time it comes with 2 totes. The pattern of it is pretty similar to the make-up pouch that comes with the spring /summer mook.Read here.

Have a look and judge yourself.

There are way too many totes as freebies these days. I wonder what people do with all the totes. Though the prints look lovely I'll most probably give this a miss.

And why would someone need two totes in the same print?


Kinna said...

Aah, I have been deliberating over whether to get this too, but since I already have the floral Tote from Laura Ashley thanks to the last In Red magazine...maybe I should refrain.

But this is REALLY pretty...

saltvinegar said...

Yeah tell me bout it.. but something tells me it's gonna be really flimsy. If we save up on buying two mooks the price would actually be more or less the same as an actual Cath Kidston product!


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