Monday, 2 August 2010

Bali soap and Hello Kitty mascara

My darling colleague got everyone handmade soap from Bali. I love soap made from organic products and the one from Bali is so much better than the one i bought in Taiwan.

Here is the product description from the tag : ' These soaps are handmade from palm and coconut oils and are seasoned with exotic spices from the island of Bali. Every bar retains extra oils and the naturally occurring glycerin. This provides for a gentle and moisturizing soap. Indulge yourself and lather up in the exotic luxury of Bali Soap.'

So okay the product description does not really say much, but the soap speaks for itself i suppose. I chose the pack that had a lemongrass and a vanilla soap, each weighing 64g. I chose the pack primarily for the Lemongrass soap since i have a thing for lemongrass. But since i was too 'sayang' to use it i decided to test out the Vanilla soap first and boy was i pleased.

Great scent , lathers fairly well and it had bits of vanilla in it. Every time i lather i see bits of vanilla coming off. Oddly enough i also see what seems like tiny chunks of nuts in it. So the bar of soap functions like a loofah with loads of texture to scrub the skin.

My skin feels the same though. No amazing moisturizing feeling or anything. But i love the scent and novelty of it. I somehow really enjoy bath time now.

On another note, i got myself the "special edition" Hello Kitty x Volum' express cat eyes mascara (waterproof , hyper curl). I admit i only bought it for the cute packaging. Will tell you later if this mascara is any good. But what i can say is you have got to buy this if you are a Kitty fan.

Cos it's in metallic pink to boot!Cat's eyes ... Hello Kitty.. get it?


Anyhow it's only available in Watson's for a limited time. But the last i checked still plenty in stores.

Oh and on another random note.. Burt's Bees is now in Malaysia. Bought a honey lip balm at the store in The Curve. Loving the moisturizing effect. This is one lip balm that i don't have to reapply every few minutes.

And last but not least yum yum yum

Does this not look good?


bride2wife said...

glad u like the soap!!

and..oh carol..u n ur hello kitty..!! hehe

saltvinegar said...

Thanks girl!! Love it!

Michelle Y said...

I haven't try Burt's Bee. It's good huh? Reckon I should give it a try!
Thanks for the tip babe!

saltvinegar said...

Its moisturizing and its all natural.. i like it~


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