Monday, 11 October 2010

Daiso haul

Here are some of the things i bought in Daiso , the place where JH does not understand why i can spend hours and hours in.OK maybe not hours but at least half an hour at a time.

I always try to limit myself to a couple of items each time so i do not go overboard. Here i got drawer separators (refer previous post) , cafe curtains (loves) , tin of fish, bag clips and the blue thing with white stars is actually a storage box. The best buy of all are the miso soup sachets! OMG so yummy. Comes in 3 flavours. Some leaf, clams, and smaller calms. OK i have mo idea but there are pictures printed on the packaging and thats what i decipher from those pictures. There are actual green vegetables and clams in them!

Next haul looks like this. After discovering the home furnishing section, i went and got myself many a home improvement item.

Wooden clips. I'm going to try and use this to clip and hang my cafe curtains.

Sweets air freshener! It really does smell sweet. I won't go as far as to say it smells like cupcakes or anything but the scent is pleasant and not overpowering. Perfect for wardrobes and toilets.

These are  the only beauty related products i bought. Fake lashes! I've had rather good experience with Daiso fake lashes so i bought two new ones to try. Not too sure how good these are though.

Potpourri and a basket to put it in. All i can say is that it is scentless!! It only functions to looks nice. There is nary a hint of fragrance at all! Bummer.Try not to buy this unless you just want to appear as if you have potpourri in your house.

I just found out these are called reed diffusers, but i call them stick diffusers. Where got reeds? So far I've used the sweet lavender one and yes it packs a mighty punch! Prepare your whole room to be scented lavender. Very similar to the scent of pure lavender essential oils.

And last but not least , a Japanese bowl to put my miso soup.. slurps.. yum..


Pammy said...

That's a nice haul! I've been checking out their home improvement section too and saw a lot of stuff I want to buy! :P

saltvinegar said...

Yeah.. show me your haul!


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