Tuesday, 12 October 2010

SKII Giveaway!

Just today at 9pm, i realized that i have an SK II facial treatment mask that i have not used and was contemplating on what to do with it. Then i figured that it would be perfect for my very first giveaway (inspired by Jamie's recent Smiggle one).

The prize photo-edited with cross process.

So here it is. If you've ever wanted to see what the fuss SK II and it's miracle pitera is all about, but not keen to fork out those exorbitant prices lest it breaks you out, then this is the contest for you.

All you have to do is answer two simple questions. Also you have to be a follower of this site to enter.

And the question is:

1) These good looking twosome are the off-spring of a famous female celebrity. Name the female celebrity. Bonus points for those who can name the father as well.

Photo credited to New Idea magazine.

Ok it's not so simple. And yet this celebrity is very well- known!Everyone is sure to know her.So good luck people! Hint: She was a really popular supermodel in the 90's.

2) What lead you to my blog and what would you like me to blog more about?
The second question is mainly just in case it ends up in a tie.

Contest runs for one week and ends on 19 October 2010 11pm (Malaysian time).

Good luck!


bride2wife said...

I wanna answer..i wanna answer!!!

the mommy for the kiddos must be cindy crawford...am i right????..hahaha..

what lead u to my blog??

hmmm...cos we are colleague..soo i want to find out if u ever blog/mengumpat about me...hahahaha..kidding!!!

it's very interesting to see the other 'side' of ur friend by reading their writings..eg i just knew that u gila2 love all the japs & korean products and their mags!!..and i enjoy seeing ur enthusiastic for the mags and mooks..hehe

just continue blogging with the things that u like..ok girl?! :)

Jarien said...

hahaha .. good one ..
u even thought of giving out freebies, huh ..
kudos ~~

saltvinegar said...

Haha just for fun.. wanna give back to those who read my blog.


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