Thursday, 7 October 2010

With November 2010 with Samantha Thavasa x Hello Kitty x Liberty print card case.

Yet another of my buys that day.This was a rather impulsive purchase. Cos the price i paid for this magazine and the card case is a bit extravagant really. But still i really really like the collaboration and the cute print! Could not resist!

The magazine and the nicely packaged freebie.

Also comes with Lux hair care samples. Thanks to A dream of Tokyo , realized that they were from left to right : shampoo, conditioner, hair serum treatment and hair oil treatment.

Even the packaging has to be cute in pink with lace borders.

Bought this primarily for the lovely print which are featured on many of the Samantha Thavasa bags. The golden ball chain was a nice touch too.

Card case is made of waterproof material.

Read that some buyers were peeved that only ST was printed on the card case.
Anyway does not bother me.

Some of the bags in the line.

Looks really too much on a bag. The material makes the bag look really fussy. However as a print it is gorgeous.

i paid a visit to Samantha Thavasa's web page so you could see the line more clearly. Here's the link.

In case you're wondering these cost  28350 yen (big) which equates to RM 1064.67. (Using XE currency converter)

Loving the prints!

 Not so much the bag.. these cost 29925 yen = RM 1,123.95.Yes even the ugly bags are expensive.

So how much does the card case cost?

I found a simple one with collaboration with Liberty print: See here.

A simple one with collaboration with liberty print is 5775 yen = RM 217.

So my buy is justified.  ^_^


meijoyce said...

I was in Hong Kong recently and came across the Samantha Thavasa x Hello Kitty bags. Quickly googled on it and found this post from you - am so jealous as I wasn't aware of this collaboration in the past!

saltvinegar said...

Hehehe.. cute right? But after so many years it's still cute but the colour is sorta not as vibrant..


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