Sunday, 20 March 2011

100 yen shop buys

Here are more buys from Daiso and the 100 yen shop.

Really nice bottles of nail polish from Daiso. And i mean it. The bottle was really nice with Paul and Joe like engravings on the cap. The polish was a bit of a miss though. The pink one called nail french was really diluted. Really one coat of this hardly gives any colour  at all. The bronze sparkling one was much better. I used it for my CNY nails. Point eyelashes were a bit of an experimental buy and till now i'm still figuring out how to use it.

This pink pill box was bought from another 100 yen shop called.. the 100 yen shop. The stuff there was sold for RM4.90 if i'm not mistaken. Compared to Daiso, the shop really did not have that much variety. But if you think of it as a sundry shop near home, then it is surely adequate.

I found it really handy as a fake eyelash kit case. The pill compartments were perfect for storing various styles of fake lashes.
The box when completely closed.

The upper bigger compartment was a perfect storage place for eyelash glue and double eye lid stickers.

The last haul is once again from Daiso.

In case you're wondering.. No wet floor wipes will never replace conventional mopping. And caramel corn is ac cute as it is tasty.

I love miniature sweeet toys so it was hard for me to resist buying these traditional Japanese sweet erasers.

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