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Jay Chou 'The Era 2011 Concert' in Malaysia - Part 2

Disclaimer: Due to poor clarity of some of my pictures i have borrowed some pictures and videos from the wonderfully generous Vvens!

Getting into the stadium after a lot of lining up at the ladies, we were greeted by a packed stadium with plastic chairs. Yes VIP chairs are red plastic chairs. It didn't matter anyway. My butt does not care when my eyes can see Jay!!

There were people of all ages in the stadium from old women to barely secondary school children. It must be great if your mom brings you and all your sisters to a 450++ seating concert, no?

Every seat filled! See.. a lot of people were wearing illuminated horns and bow headbands!

The people behind..

And the show kicks off on time (such great work ethics) with Jay Chou appearing as a 3D image in a glass pyramid structure. He was styled up as a guitar playing angel.

He then appeared out of a ball like structure that split into half revealing Mr J himself.

He started off with many fast songs similar to the concert DVD. The only few things he did differently was that he sang out 'Ma-lay-si-ahh' A LOT throughout the concert.

The set was spectacular as every set piece was brought into Malaysia.The visuals were amazing!

He was at one point on an elevated stage singing and swaying (does he not get scared?) his body to the rhythm of his own music amid green laser lights.

As expected he performed the snake dance song with Lara.Thank God i refrained from watching the DVD before the concert of it would have spoilt the surprise.

Lara had lovely features being half Russian half Taiwanese and all, and she lost some weight compared to her chubby nan quan mama days too.

He went out of tune quite a few times for Ai Zai Xi Yuan Qian. He was quick to point it out himself 
and promptly did a sound check on himself as shown on this video.

So cute!! He drank some water from a mineral water bottle and his voice was in tip-top condition thereafter!
In fact i'm pretty amazed by the quality of his live singing ! It was at most parts flawless and full of body and flavor.

Plus he was pretty interactive with fans as well.

And the Malaysian fans did not disappoint. They were singing along with him on every song and it was especially prominent on the slower ballads. Jay cracked a smile and mentioned that ' Zhi zong da he chang de gan jue hai bu chuo!' (sorry for the bad pin yin). Meaning ' This group singing feeling is not bad!'

Everyone sang along to 'Where is the promised happiness' even mua who admittedly did not know all of the lyrics.

'Williams castle' was more of a visual effects fest.

'Mr Magician' showed off his playful side.How can he dance and yet not have shaky voice?

Cindy Yen was the next special guest to appear and she sang her own song. Rather decent vocal chops and piano playing skills but her voice was indistinct. Next was a duet with Jay Chou on 'Sand Painter'.

Jay took a breather when 'The drifters- Lang Hua Xiong Di came and gave their rendition of
'Xiang Ni Jiu Xie Xin' and 'Ni Shi Wo De OK bong'. Jay did not come out and duet with them though. Bummer. It's times like this though that you notice the contrast in vocal quality between singers.

Jay then emerged with a white rose filled piano in what i deem to be the highlight of the nigh. His piano playing skills were really out of this world. And as a bonus to his Malaysian fans he played a special piece, Ronda alla Turca or Turkish March (Jay Chou updated version)

He then launched into some of my favourite songs 'Dao Xiang' or 'Paddy Fragrance' and 'Yang guang zhai nan' or Sunny Otaku.Seriously he did this playing the piano, singing and changing lyrics and melodies all simultaneously.

I wish i had that kind of musical talent!

Then he grooved to 'Free Instructional Video' and did some ....

...guitar plucking.

And in the middle of 'Shi Guang Ji' or 'Time Machine' he came down and met the fans!

His fourth special guest was Gary, and i was like ' What??Gary Chow?? Woahhh..'. Alas it was just plain Gary who was and still is his producer for the past 10 years!Props to him.

He was clearly enjoying himself as much as we enjoyed watching him perform.

The last song he sang was 'Kao Bu Liao Kou' or quite literally 'Unable to open mouth'.

He then came back for an encore with 'Gei Wo Yi Shou Ge De Shi Jian' or 'Give me the time of one song.I know translations always trun out funny.

Then Lara came out once again and of course they sang duet on the ever popular, 'San Hu Hai' or 'Coral Sea'.

The last song was the nanchuck song and throwing his nunchucks into the crowd ended the best concert ever.

But not before he promised that he would becoming in May for shooting of his new film and invited all the concert goers to come and have a look!

I'm definitely coming for the next Jay concert! Someone please go with me!

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