Monday, 21 March 2011

Absolute Boyfriend

I know i'm real late.. especially since this drama was aired in 2008. D'oh... But still i need to explain this is the reason why i've been glued to my computer screen every free moment i have.

I first watched a couple of episodes on Channel U (Singapore terrestrial channel) a couple of years ago. Then i saw it on 8TV (Malaysian channel)..then recently on a trip back to JB i saw one episode of it again. But.. never have i watched more than 2 episodes each time.

I picked up the DVD i bought a year ago, squealed in delight that it had English subtitles and proceeded to be enamoured by this J Drama that is 'Absolute Boyfriend' or 'Zettai Kareshi'.

Now do excuse my totally gushing post while i go back and savour the last two episodes of the DVD.

In the meantime enjoy the theme song by Ayaka who just so happens to be one of the lead characters missus.

The ending theme in the show.(with weird espanyol translations)

And the full MV with English translations.


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