Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Sweet Teatime Starter Kit Review

I've been meaning to write this review for the longest time but i couldn't cos i have yet to use all the products in the set!

I bought it at Guardian pharmacy for RM38.90 and this is what the box looks like.

It consists of
1) Vanilla Souffle face scrub 50ml
2) Strawberry Yogurt Amino Acid Cleanser 50ml
3) Chocolate truffle mask x 1
4) Earl Grey Tea and Macaron mask x 1

Here's what the Strawberry yogurt amino acid cleanser looked like. 

Function aka what it says on the packaging: Cleansing. Best for normal/combination skin

Packaging: Like a small pot of strawberry cream.

What  the product name implies: Amino acids = proteins. Strawberry = fruit. Does that mean it boosts your skin with vitamin C while providing protein to your skin?

What it actually does: Excellent strawberry scent that reminds me of a stronger Glico strawberry flavoured biscuit sticks and it looks pretty in pink.But sadly that's the only good thing about this cleanser. It works up a good lather but left my skin tight which is not something i love. Also i still need my cleansing oil if i really want to remove all the make-up and impurities built up. It did leave my skin looking a bit brighter though.

Rating: 2/5

Next lets have a look at the Vanilla Souffle Face Scrub.

Function aka what it says on the packaging: Renewing, smooth and moisturizing. Best for all skin type especially for dry, dull and loosen skin tone.

Packaging: Can be easily mistaken for whipped cream. Product even dispenses out of nozzle as a white, whipped cream like substance.

What the product name implies:Souffle can be used to scrub your skin.

What it actually does: The whipped cream like substance when massaged onto face automatically forms white leftover tissue like substance. That is then used to scrub away the dead skin cells. May need some water added if it feels difficult to massage. It was gross looking at all the white tissue left over looking bits at first but soon found it quite useful for brightening purposes!May be a bit harsh for sensitive skin though. When i first put it on my skin, it turned a little red, but subsequently subsided. Anyhow, liked it better compared to rough defoliators.

Rating: 4/5

I have yet to use the masks, so fingers crossed that it will fare well.


Pammy said...

Strawberry Yogurt sounds yummy. And it looks creamy too. I wish it were a real yogurt. :D

saltvinegar said...

It does smell yummy.. but ugh.. not a great cleanser

Sherlyn said...

the packaging and the label name are quite attractive however i think it might not suit me as i have sensitive skin. I try dainty design aloe vera mask (can buy in watson) that one work quite well to me. you may try that.

saltvinegar said...

Okies Sherlyn. I'll go try it out. My face is super sensitive too!


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