Thursday, 1 September 2011

What i learnt from Weibo

Reading 8 days and it's who,what,where weibo segment,made me realize one thing.Weibo is a treasure throve of information and pictures on Chinese celebrities.The best thing is, the information is published voluntarily.It is China's version of a Facebook/Twitter mashup, with the who's who of Chinese entertainment being members.

So i, though being Chinese illiterate, joined the Weibo universe, armed with an online Chinese pinyin translator. The registrationg process was tough for a non-Chinese reader like me, but somehow i made it through.

And this is what i learnt from my maiden Weibo surfing.

1) Jolin looks good (and young) even without make-up.

2) Like all girls she likes her Laduree macarons.

3) She's a Hello Kitty fan.

Definitely a Kitty fan.

4) Selena from SHE is doing fine.

Thankfully her face was spared from burns.This was a wedding photo she released on Weibo recently.

5) Meanwhile Ella is rocking the bridal look too.

6) Sun Yan Zi's wedding band is gold, simple, and fuss-free.

7) Hebe has a new album coming out and is the spokesperson for Pond's.

8) She also looks like anyone of us when she wears glasses.

And that's what happened in th world of Weibo.

Source : Here,here,here,here and here.


Wileen said...

i am on weibo too! haha. my blog has a weibo widget at the sidebar. u can read the stuff i write sometimes, haha.

~mEm0RiEs~ said...

Hmm~ I learnt something about Weibo too.. Kind of interesting to read on.. ^.^

saltvinegar said...

Hey girls! I just realised the wonders of weibo. I wish i could read Chinese though. Wileen, i'll definitely go check out your weibo.

Jamie Wong said...

dont worry, i cant get some of the chinese words too. haha :) but its a good way to dig more "news" about the artists.


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