Thursday, 29 September 2011

Spring November 2011 with Jill Stuart multi-case

I've been waiting for this magazine to come out, as i figured i needed a new multi-case and this Jill Stuart one looked like a nice one. Well, as i have said never trust promotional pictures as the actual product may fall short.

Probably one of the main reasons i have not been buying these Japanese magazines is, i already have many many cute bags, and sometimes you never know what you're going to get with these magazines. I mean you know what product you're going to get but you would have no idea regarding the quality.

Usually i'd go have a look at the real products at the Japanese counter in Kinokuniya,  but this one was not on the shelves, and i was too lazy to have them open it up for me to have a look. Also this was the second last copy, and since i have not bought a  Japanese magazine for a while, i thought ,why not?

So this is the magazine i bought.

And this is the freebie that came with it.

This is the Jill Stuart multi-case which can be used this way or worn as a wristlet.

I have no problems with the inner portion of the multi-case, even though the pockets are a tiny bit asymmetrical and the fact that i'd have to unzip the case open fully to get my cash.

What i do have a problem with is the ugly folds on the front and back of the multi-case.

And don't get me started on the bizarre colour transfer on the fabric.

I had to resort to ironing out the creases which is tricky since the case is coated with a plastic like waterproof material. I ironed it with a protective white cloth on top briefly to heat the material, then held it in place smoothen the creases. And it worked to a certain extent.

From afar it's a cute case, but i wouldn't encourage anyone to buy this magazine for the freebie just because, i don't think it's worth the hassle and money for such a low quality product.


PopBlush said...

I love polka dots and this is indeed a cute case~ Thanks for the honest mini review on it =)

Fiona said...

This is just as bad as my Snidel one

But mine doesn't hav the colour transfer.

Bring it back to Kino for an exchange babe.

saltvinegar said...

PopBlush: This was such a mis-buy.

Fiona: Can exchange mer? I think even if they can do an exchange for me it will be the same. All the freebies are defected! But i'm still hopefull the Liniere multi-case with Liberty print will be ok.

shaynaJo said...

is this out in kino klcc yet? where did u order this? i wanna get this too coz it's so cute!

saltvinegar said...

It was out a long time ago! I bought the second last copy, not sure if they have another shipment. You can try calling Kino KLCC or if you want you can buy mine. I don't really like it.


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