Thursday, 13 October 2011

Bee attack!

 Being a great wife without needing to be in 'The obedient wives club', i once again took a train ride north to visit JH in the place we fondly call Slim.

However my refreshing countryside visit has currently turned into a bit of a horror film.

My place in Slim River is full of bees! Help! I'm normally not too scared of bees , but these are just too scary. I was just minding my own business, surfing the net in JH's room when  i noted one single bee in the room. Bah, lost bee go away.

Then i went out to the living room and there were a swarm of bees, attracted to the light buzzing away like they wanted to form a nest there and then in the living room.

I then noted that every area where i had my light on, had bees. The kitchen, the toilet, the living room! Thank God the bedroom was spared. I'm breaking out in rashes just thinking about it. This just reminds me why i should stick to the city and not stay in the country/jungle. Those pesky exterminators must be doing some removal of nest thing at night and forgot to inform the residents living nearby. Ugh, i had to brave myself to switch off all the lights and switch on all the ceiling fans (these bees are silly and keep hitting the fan thus injuring/ performing kamikaze on themselves). Hopefully they will all fly out to somewhere with more light! In the process though one bees landed/buzzed around my hair/neck (not very sure since i did all this in the dark). It did not sting me I'm pretty sure of that, but now I'm all itchy over my neck.

Good thing, i actually live in the hospital compound. Any sign of anaphylaxis and I'm going over for some IV hydrocort and anti-histamines.

I would take a picture of the swarm of bees and show you if i could cos it really is an interesting sight, but i can't cos I'm scared and not keen to be kept overnight in the ward for observation if i am stung.

So you see, I'm actually blogging to allay my fears from a dark apartment unit in the jungle suburb. Thank you for being part of this and hopefully by the time i want to bathe all of them will go away!

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