Saturday, 8 October 2011

Upcoming Japanese Magazines December 2011

Looks like a whole lots more bags, a poncho blanket and a hair curler?

Glow December issue comes with a John Masters Organics cloth bag which looks like something you bring grocery shopping.

InRed December issue comes with a Roberto Camerino tote and pouch with the typical R emblem and belt and buckle patterns.

Mini December comes with a United Arrows small cloth tote.

Steady December issue comes with a really novel freebie, a blanket poncho? This is cute, interesting and comes in Lest Rose's signature rose prints!

A recap of a November freebie since this one looks really promising. Snidel tote in floral prins. Comes with a zip and 2 external pockets.

And even though this is technically from a mook, i'm having it featured in this post since it's so interesting! A mook that comes with a hair straightener/curler. Very interesting but i wonder how well it works.


shuaddict said...

Wish the canvas totes would be bigger, at least it can be used for grocery shopping. In the end all the small totes are left in the closet.

Bella said...

Aww thanks^^ I've read your blog it's intressting esp when you write about fashion and cosmetics, do you know any good sites for shopping japanese clothes? it would helpme a lot ,BYE^-^

saltvinegar said...

Yup, they are sometimes too cute to resist, but due to their size and quality can't be used very often

cynthia said...

i love using the smaller totes for everyday purses ... though it looks like the hair straightener has a really small heating area. :(

saltvinegar said...

Cynthia: yeah it's probably just a straightener now that you mention it.

Bella: I've never tried buying clothes online but this is one of the more reputable sites in Malaysia. Go have a look.

Wileen said...

am def buying the blanket!! i have the carebears and jill stuart ones from many moons ago and love them to bits, esp on cold coach rides to malaysia :p

saltvinegar said...

Wileeen aka adorablycluelessme: You always go for the cutest things!


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