Sunday, 16 October 2011

Big Bad Wolf 2011- What i bought!

I finally was able to make my way to the book sale of the year. MEAPS Serdang was a huge place but was fairly easy to locate. There were loads of signs once you get to Serdang. The parking lots were ample which also means it may be a distance from the halls, but the trams that come and fetch people to the halls were abundant and at regular frequency. You would initially have to line up to get in, but it takes no longer than 10 minutes to get in.

Now my only grouse is, because it is a warehouse sale, people seem to have no respect for the books! Many of the children books were torn/missing freebies/ missing pages/ missing a portion/ unwrapped. And don't get me started on the books with battery operated sounds/songs at a press of the button.You can imagine what children do to those. Poor books.

Here's what it looked like inside the halls.

Yup, that many book lovers in Malaysia!

Lots of Mr Men and Little Miss books at RM3 each.

Also for RM3-RM5 English translated mangas.

And as you can see loads of books for dummies.

As you can see, one of the headlining books for this book sale, Jamie Oliver's cookbook (there was only one, and not even a new one but enough to get everyone into a frenzy) was running out on the second last day of the sale. Loads of people had a copy.

It gets claustrophobic if you stay there long enough.The lines to the cashier was long but thanks to the efficient cashiers and packers (there are one packers per cashier who helps to carry your heavy load of books to the cashier and pack them into bags-Nice), it did not take as long as expected. Of course the bill was the best thing of all. In all spent RM177 on 18 books, with an average of RM9.80 per book.

This was our box stash as we lined up to get to the cashier.

And this is our collective haul out of the box.

Of course, i had to get the headlining book. I've been watching his cooking shows since Saturday morning 'Naked Chef' on channel 5 when i was in secondary school.

 I bought a few children's books for my friends kids, but i couldn't resist getting something from my childhood for myself. I used to have a flower fairies colouring book. The illustrations are classic!

And here's a page out of one of the books i bought. Retro coffee shop cup and saucers.

All in all very happy with my buys.


shuaddict said...

Nice haul! Glad you managed to make it there.

Sherlyn said...

i went to Logos Hopes (the largest floating book shop cruise in the world) last saturday but only get a few books. the book fair u went seem can get a lot of cheap books. quite a worth buying.

saltvinegar said...

Shuaddict & Sherlyn : yup, I don't have to buy books for a long while now

SneakyLily said...

Awwww! Mr Men books! I used to have one when I was a kid, Mr Small.
I love the 'for dummies' books, should buy a lot for my BF! Hehe!


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