Sunday, 23 October 2011

Liniere with Liberty Print multi case

I succumbed and got myself yet another multi-case after the abysmal display that was Jill by Jill Stuart multi-case.

It's true about people saying that Liniere gives out good quality multi-cases. The cover does not look like your typical Japanese fashion magazine, cos it's not. It's more of a clean, sustainable simple living/fashion magazine.

What attracted me was the gorgeous Liberty print.

And i'm definitely glad i bought it. The quality is leaps and bounds better than a lot of freebies. No colour transfer of the fabric, no weird folds and abnormal shape. The print is gorgeous and water proof. The stitching pretty neat.

The only drawback is that it's a little cumbersome to use since you'd have to open it all the way to retrieve money. It's main purpose is for travel and putting all essentials including passports in it.

The only tiny defect i see is some puckering at one side, which can't be helped i suppose.

I'm definitely someone who can't stand folds on the spine of the multi-case/wallet, so i'm glad to see a nice clean line on this one.

The back portion was flawless.

I'd say this is a good buy. I saw about 10 copies in Kinokuniya. They might have a second shipment of this i suppose but generally Liniere stock is usually limited.

Non-no however with the Agnes B bag is in abundance! The first shipment sold out, and they have restocked! There were piles and piles of the Non-no with Agnes B bag all over the Japanese section!

No more multi-cases for me i suppose. I have enough to last me ages.


shuaddict said...

You convinced me on this one. Looks perfect for traveling. Hope there's some left when I go this week. Do they allow booking? How much was it btw?

saltvinegar said...

Whoops sorry, but I do love it! Price is rm49. You get a 5%discount when u flash an isetan card. Yes u can book this. Just call kino klcc and connect to the Japanese section.

shuaddict said...

Thank you for the info. That's a great price. I called immediately and managed to book.

saltvinegar said...

no problem girl.I'm loving the prints on this one, and the very simplistic magazine is a breath of fresh air compared to the other over stylized fashion magazines.


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