Friday, 14 January 2011

Cutie January 2011 with HBG tote

As mentioned earlier, i must have taken my own advice and bought the magazine. This was after thoughtful deliberation and many longing views at other webpages reviewing this particular bag. And after so long it was still there in Kinokinuya looking at me. And it seems to be saying "Buy me!"

And buy it i did.

It was as expected rather small but nevertheless really cute and a worthy buy. No regrets here.

Here's the cover. Does this girl not remind you of that Little Swallow Princess Vicky Zhao Wei?

 The price is fairly reasonable and i had a 10 % discount thanks to Jh's Isetan card.

The bag is black with cute neon coloured landmarks from around the world.

The gift box is similarly themed.

But it's really tiny.

Cos the bag is tiny too.. luckily for me then that i too am tiny. It comes with a button closure, three pockets on the outside and gold brand tag.

I just love it for the cute merlion. At least South East Asia is represented.

The insides are fully lined and seams are covered up with purple piping.

I love this bag BUT i would love it even more if the piping did not stick out at the sides! It irritates me no end but i try not to look at it.

All in all it's a cute one of a kind (over here anyway) bag to bring out.

This comes in the February issue of Cutie. Definitely giving this a skip.


FionaL said...

Don't worry. It may look small but once you've use it, it's just nice size.

saltvinegar said...

OK hopefully but i love it all the same. I think it would be great to use for 'bai nien'

KawaiiFreakxXx said...

that tote is soooo cute! We rarely get as nice gifts with our magazines in uk *jealous*


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